Friday, 28 October 2016

A little more news... and a fantastic community quilt!

Let's get the news bit out of the way first! I know I asked you to vote for my shop a couple of weeks back in the Sew Awards but like buses, two award nominations have come along at the same time!

I found out this week that I had been nominated for not one but TWO British Craft Awards in the Quilting category - Best Quilt Designer and Best Quilt Blogger!!! And The Thread House has been nominated in Best Quilt Brand! I am really blown away by this and so honoured to be in the company of such fabulously talented quilters and bloggers (most of whom are really good mates/business partners!).

So if you do decide to head over here and vote for me then I completely understand if you change your mind and vote for someone else when confronted by the rest of the list! If you do vote for me then THANK YOU very much!

I thought you might like to know about this wonderful quilt project that I took part in for the Museum of Childhood which is on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. They have a new exhibition called Bedtime Stories which is all about memories of bedtime stories. Part of the exhibition is a special quilt made by over 60 adults and children from across the UK.

I contributed this cute deer block which was from a pattern by Shapemoth and available on Craftsy here. It was a great little FPP project and I love how it turned out.

Here's what I wrote to accompany it:

"When I was six years old I had a very powerful dream about a deer. I can't remember anything else about it now apart from the deer, but the memory of how the dream effected me has stayed with me through all of my life. At the time I had probably just seen Bambi at the cinema (which I loved) and this was probably why I dreamt about a deer. There was also a favourite sit-on ride at a nearby supermarket which was of a deer. I used to think about all these deer at bedtime because I wanted to have this dream again, but I never did. However I still have amazing dreams and often write them down, and I still love deer, and think of them as a kind of totem animal for me."

If you are in or around Edinburgh then you should definitely try and get to this exhibition, it's on till 24th February. If you want to find out more about the exhibition click here.

One more little thing, I am having a giveaway over on Instagram for this gorgeous big box of Blueberry Park Aurifil and some lovely BP fabric!! Head on over to IG to enter!


  1. Many congrats on being put forward! voting right away : )
    Love the deer bloc and am planning a trip to Edinburgh so will definitely go see the quilt.
    Not so much a deer as maybe your very own Patronus?

  2. I've voted too. Many congrats Jo!