Thursday, 18 February 2016

Mid-Century Modern Quilt

At last I can share this quilt with you!!

Last Autumn the Modern Quilt Guild asked for quilt pattern submissions for their QuiltCon magazine which is produced by the publishers of the American magazine Modern Patchwork.

I had been musing on this idea which I could see working in the magazine, so I thought it was worth a punt. I had actually made 4 blocks for a mini quilt already. I really didn't think I stood much chance of being selected but I had nothing to lose.

But selected it was and with a very tight deadline! So I made this quilt in a bit of a whirlwind and had to photograph it on a grey day. I knew I wouldn't see it again for a while as all the magazine quilts get automatically entered to the QuiltCon exhibition (which is a good job seeing as the two other quilts I entered were rejected!).

I will be sent a copy of the magazine eventually, but last week the digital version was published and I just had to buy it!

And now QuiltCon has started and everyone will get a chance to see the magazine (which is on sale there) so I knew that I could finally share the quilt with you all! The magazine will hit newsstands in the USA on March 1st.

This is how the quilt looks in the magazine - very relaxed! I wonder whose shoes they are?!

The design was inspired by an image online of a reproduction mid-century fabric. My partner in a recent inter-guild swap between Melbourne and Edinburgh MQG stated Mid-Century Modern under her likes. I have to say I couldn't readily bring anything to mind but, as always, Google Images were very helpful!

As regular readers will know I love a bit of curvy improv! This quilt is entirely machine pieced though I think it could look appliqued from a distance. The circles were drawn freehand on to a foundation, cut into quarters, curve pieced to the background and then sliced up again for the crosses.

I did a version of my circles within circles FMQ pattern for the background and then outlined the crosses, also using my FMQ foot. You can maybe see this a bit better in the photo of the back below. The backing is from Riley Blake and I bound it in the same Kona Charcoal as the crosses.

The background is Manchester Yarn-dyed from Kaufman in Taupe (now a firm favourite of mine despite it's stretchiness!). The solids are all Kona and the colours were mainly picked by my partner in the swap, Kim, who stated reds, oranges, mustard and 'Kelly Green' (another google search needed here) in her likes, as I originally intended the mini quilt for her. You can see what she did eventually receive in this post.

So now the quilt is at QuiltCon and I am not *sigh*. Never mind, I was there last year and I will be again next year - mustn't be greedy! 
I hope all my international quilty pals are having a great time in Pasadena!
And I do hope someone takes a photo of this hanging at the show and tags me!

You can but a digital copy of the magazine right now here. There are some amazing quilt patterns, plus great articles and loads of photos of gorgeous modern quilts! I am very honoured that mine is amongst them.


  1. Awesome know how much I love mid century modern and this is the cat's meow! Sort of like those Herman Miller chairs!

  2. This is a great quilt! The construction story was really interesting as well - it must have taken some thought to figure that out!. Thanks for sharing the process.

  3. love this quilt so admire all those circles