Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sophie Update and a Crochet Cushion

Back last Spring I started the Sophie's Universe CAL 2015 and wrote about it here.

I was getting on quite well but got distracted and stopped for about 4 months! 

The problem with this project is that you really need to give it your full concentration (rather than what my sister calls 'mindless' crochet, where you can just switch off and watch the telly while crocheting!). Each round is a different pattern which usually takes around half the round to master, and with the rounds now so big that takes a while.

So over the Christmas break I really gave it my attention and pushed on. I am up to part 11 and it has just squared back up to four sides (and the edges will stop curling soon, apparently, though I haven't been doing any of the recommended 'blocking' - naughty!).

But then during my recent Sewing Room clear-out I found this stack of African Flowers. Yes they are lovely, but I was a little annoyed having already made a huge blanket and two bags of African Flowers and didn't need any more crochet projects to work on!

They clearly were made for my blanket but got 'lost' at some point and missed being included in the finished piece (which I have never shown here as I have not threaded my ends in yet - a source of deep shame!).

Aaargh! What could I do? I had to use them up, and as quickly as possible! So I started crocheting them together with a nice cream border.

I thought there was just enough for a cushion, but it the end I was one short. So I made an extra one and finished the cushion front.

And then would you bloomin' Adam and Eve it? The very next day I found ANOTHER lone African Flower during the ongoing Sewing Room clear-out - aaargh!!!

I also found six daisy squares that were hanging round after bring used for class samples. I decided to put these to use for the cushion back and started using up yarn by 'log cabining' around them in an improv style.

I love combining craft techniques and this seemed like a great way to bring a little improv patchwork style to crochet! It was a very free and haphazard project, and also 'mindless'!

Here is the finished cushion front. It is 18 inches.

I added a pink scalloped edging to finish.

And here is the Improv Crochet back. I think it works really well and is certainly unique!

I'm very pleased I got on and used the African Flowers for this cushion, as how lovely does it look on my sewing room sofa?!
It turns out that I do still need MORE cushions!

Unfortunately the Sophie's Universe blanket has had to go back in to hibernation for now. 
But that's OK, I like a slow project :)


  1. Your crochet is so beautiful! I'm very new to crochet but I'd love to be able to make some pieces like this one day. The Sophie's Universe blanket is just incredible!

  2. That cushion is beautiful, Jo! Tell me, have you lined it or is that the insert showing? And you know I love your Sophie's Universe (I've seen it IRL, folks, it's exquisite!)

  3. That cushion is beautiful, Jo! Tell me, have you lined it or is that the insert showing? And you know I love your Sophie's Universe (I've seen it IRL, folks, it's exquisite!)

  4. so many lovely crochet projects here, saw the first one on instagram and loved it there too. Must master crochet, have Alfie daughter`s cat next weekend so maybe will try then as do not have the machine out when he is here

  5. Wow, your Sophie's Universe is absolutely beautiful - I love the colours you have used. And your cushion is adorable - it makes me want to take up crocheting :)

  6. It is amazing what you can find in a well stocked craft room!! I love the Sophie project, it really will be stunning when finished. x

  7. With cushions as gorgeous as those we all need more more cushions!

  8. My this is amazing - truly beautiful.