Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I have to admit that I didn't know what a Biscornu was before I was asked to make one! But then I don't think I'm the only one, have you heard of it before?!

Well it turns out it's this odd shaped cushion, and I actually owned one (made for my by my lovely pal Hikaru) however I didn't know that was it's name (and probably nor did Hikaru as it's probably called something else in Japanese!).

But Jen, the editor of Today's Quilter asked me to make a whole gang of them for Today's Quilter, and they are featured in the latest issue which is out now...

 There is the large 'daddy' cushion, the medium 'mummy' paperweight and the small' baby' keyfob!

Fabrics used are all from Eden by Tula Pink, and I had a good play around with some variations, making some more patchworky than others.

Here's a stack of Biscornus! In descending order we have the keyfob, my initial trial version, the stunning sashiko one that Hikaru made me for my birthday last year, my trial patchwork version of the paperweight and the actual paperweight.

They are actually very simple and fun to make though quite difficult to explain. Of course there are plenty of process shots in the magazine to help guide you through, or...

... you could come along to the Brand New Edinburgh Knitting and Stitching Show in April where I will be giving demos in their craft theatre (as well as workshops on a different subject!)! More on this exciting new event soon!

I may also need to giveaway some Biscornus soon as there are only so many a gal needs!


  1. I love them! They are quirky and look like they'd be a lot of fun to make.


  2. Made one a while ago, at a group workshop. Such fun, mines a pincushion made in 2 colours.

  3. I am a biscornu fan but have never attempted such a big one. Your collection is very nice, quite a family you have there. My one claim to fame is I had a hardanger one in stitch magazine as a tutorial which I even got paid for. I usually do mine in embroidery style

  4. Lovely. I haven't seen any done as cushions before. They are very popular done in cross stitch as pincushions and some people even have large collections of these as they can be addictive to make. x

  5. I have made the cross stitch version, might have to try the quilted version

  6. I've never thought of making a giant one - fabulous!

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