Sunday, 22 November 2015

Simply Moderne issue 2 and Improv Meadow WIP

I recently got my hands on issue 2 of Simply Moderne magazine, this is the new quarterly mag from the people behind Quiltmania. I wrote about issue 1 here.

As in the first issue, the mag is divided between articles about quilts and quilters and a number of0 projects. This issue has a large feature about the Australian Modern Quilt Show, with lots of beautiful photos of the quilts.

And an excellent article all about my lovely friend Lorena! I was so happy to see her smiling face and read all about her. There are articles about a few prominent Aussie Quilters and many photos of stunning quilts from the show.

Do you recognise this quilt? It was one of the standout exhibits at QuiltCon and a particluar favourite of mine, so I was very pleased to find a project for it here. Lovely styling too.

Love this wall pocket organiser!

And the cover quilt is just gorgeous!

They always have a large section of applique projects which I completely approve of. Love this quilt!

As soon as I saw this beautiful needle-turn applique I wanted to rush off and do some myself.

Which is a good job as I had some to add as finishing touches to my Improv Meadow quilt!

This is the quilt I started at Anna Maria Horner's amazing Mod Corsage workshop that I took at QuiltCon earlier in the year. I wrote about it in this earlier post. 

I have been working on it in odd moments, and am now racing to finish it in time to enter it for QuiltCon 2016.

It is quilted with a mixture of FMQ and hand quilting with perle cottons. I am just adding the hand quilting now. Here are some sneak peeks but look out for a big reveal in a week or two!

And don't forget to check out Simply Moderne if you want a really interesting read (still charmingly French sounding even though it is all in English!) and some fantastic projects!  More info and subscriptions available here.


  1. Your quilt is looking great, at least from the teaser pics!!!!

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