Monday, 2 November 2015

Please vote for me!!

I won the Viewer's Choice!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!!

Last week I entered 2 quilts in to the Autumn 2015 Blogger's Quilt Festival, and amazingly my Buffer Wheel quilt has been nominated for the Viewer's Choice!!

How exciting! I have never had a quilt nominated for anything before!! Thank you so much to all who nominated me, you have made me so happy!

If you would like to help me win a lovely prize (which perhaps I will share...) you can vote for me here. It is very easy to vote, just click on the heart in the corner of the photo. And you get 3 votes which helps with the decision making!

While you are there you can scroll down and vote in the other categories too, you can even vote for this quilt again in the ROYGBIV and for my Off-Centre Medallion in the Modern category. You know, just if you have time and actually like them!

A huge thanks to whoever votes for me!!


  1. I voted Jo!
    I love this quilt!

  2. I had already voted for it without realising it was your quilt, I just love the happy colours. x

  3. Voted Jo! Still it would make a lovely class xx

  4. Been there don't that, so all I need to do now is wish you luck X

  5. Been there and done that! Good luck xx