Saturday, 29 August 2015

Introducing Today's Quilter!

Those of you who attended Festival of Quilts this year and stopped at the Love Patchwork and Quilting stand may have seen the launch of a brand new quilting magazine from the same publishers.

If not then let me tell you a little bit about it, and stay tuned for a fantastic subscription offer at the bottom of this post!

"Today’s Quilter is the NEW magazine with a fresh take on traditional quilting. With projects, features, techniques and news, each issue offers intermediate to experienced quilters 100 pages of beautiful, colourful and inspirational pages of everything they love. At the heart of Today’s Quilter are the projects, created by the most well-known and talented designers. Exquisitely photographed quilts deliver lots of inspiration, while expert technical features ensure quilters are always improving their skills for stunning results. Hours of reading pleasure in the form of the latest news from the world of quilting, events and shows to visit, in-depth designer profiles, explorations of the heritage behind the quilts, plus lots of chat and fun from the quilting community - PLUS every issue comes with a FREE gift."

Even  though I am a Modern Quilter at heart I really welcome a magazine that goes beyond the simple basics and takes a deeper more challenging look at quilting. Here's what you can expect each month...

  • Regular contributors include quilting legend Lynne Edwards MBE, and Linda Clements, author of the best-selling quilting handbook The Quilter’s Bible.
  • Features projects by stars of the quilt world, such as Pam & Nicky Lintott, Susan Briscoe, Jo Avery, Carolyn Foster, Liza Prior Lucy, Jen Kingwell and Mandy Shaw, all handpicked for their knowledge, experience and design flair.
  • Exquisite photography, elegant page design and first-class journalism creates a magazine that offers traditional quilters a fresh look at their favourite craft.
  • Makes the world of traditional quilting relevant to today’s quilters of all tastes and ages, with inspirational visuals, exciting features and fun community spirit!

  • A FREE collectible supplement or gift is included with every issue, with endorsement from much loved and respected quilting stars such as Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably.

    Did you notice a familiar name there? Yes that's right I am one of the contributors! And some of you may have (and did!) notice my face on the flyer at FOQ...

    Little old me, right there on the same row as Jen Kingwell, what about that eh?!! I am of course nowhere near on the same level as these folks, but they obviously just needed one more face to make the layout work.

    But the really funny thing is that the lovely lady to my left, Jane Rae, is my actual friend IRL and secretary of our Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild, and yet neither of us had any idea we were both involved in the magazine!! Everyone who had been told about this project had to sign a non-disclosure form as it was such an industry secret (we weren't even told the title of the magazine!). I loved this as I felt like a secret agent (which is what I used to want to be when I grew up!), and obviously kept totally schtum, and so did Jane. How we laughed when we saw this flyer!! 

    Issue 1 is on sale 17th September 2015 (13 issues a year) and if you subscribe before then you can get 3 issues for just £5!!*                  Just click here
    For more information check out the Today's Quilter website here.

    *3 issues for £5 available to UK Direct Debit orders only and is subject to availability. After your first 3 issues you subscription will continue at £29.49 saving 18% on shop price. Your subscription will start with the next available issue.


  1. Hahaha.....I always thought you were a "star of the quilting world"!:) Look at those ladies....where are the brunettes?:)

  2. Sounds fantastic Jo, and very well deserved. I love thinking of you as a secret pleased you got to live-out a little of your childhood fantasy! Juliex

  3. Congratulations, it is nice to see you on that page, as you certainly belong there.

  4. sounds mighty interesting , so many magazines out there but will check it out when it comes into the shops as the subscriptions can become quite pricey

  5. I'm looking forward to this magazine. I feel there is a gap in the market for people who want a magazine that's more advanced than the new ones which have recently become available. I'm glad to see there are some experienced quilters amongst the contributors. Although it's advertised as being for traditional quilters I hope it doesn't lean towards the old fashioned look like some of the magazines that have been around for a while. I'm sure your projects won't be old fashioned though!

  6. How exciting - let's hope my tescos decides to stock it!

  7. Aww Jane was very kind to me when we both worked at the same publishers and it was her time at Popular Patchwork magazine that got me into making quilts myself. Top lady.