Wednesday, 10 June 2015

This year's Stitch Gathering Ticket!!

The Stitch Gathering 2015 ticket is now landing on doormats all over the UK so I can now share our Ticket Project with you!!

This year's attendees will be receiving a special Stitch Gathering 2015 'I'm going!' badge, a piece of Kona Snow and instructions. Instead of printing our SG logo on to the ticket we've decided to leave the fabric part blank to give more room for embellishment and instead provide a badge/pin for wearing to the event!

This year’s ticket project is all about FAVOURITE WORDS. We would like Retreaters to use their piece of Kona Snow to create a word; this can be any word they like, something that means a lot to them or just a word they love the sound of. They can embroider, applique, piece or any other method they like. They don’t have to use the Kona Snow, if they would rather embroider on to linen they can replace the Kona with a piece the same size. Likewise if they want to make their word from patchwork they can discard the Kona altogether or use it partially.

I have chosen 3 words for my samples - 'Home', 'Trust' and 'Marshmallow'. For Trust I used this Camelot fabric (which is available in our shop and on our website) which made this block very quick and easy to make! I needle-turn appliqued Home and embroidered Marshmallow on to Manchester Yarn-dyed Linen.
You could also piece the letters from scratch like the Proverbial Quilt by Denyse Schmidt. Or surprise me with a totally different, creative idea that I would never have thought of! That certainly happened in the first 2 ticket projects. You can check out year 1, and year 2 projects here.

All the tickets will be handed back on the day and we'll display them at the event. I will then make them into a large quilt (perhaps with some help?!) which can be donated to a school, hospital or other community institution (suggestions very welcome!) where it can hang and be a source of inspiration and positivity to others!

So far everyone seems to like this year's idea and I certainly had lot's of fun making these 3 'word tickets'. In fact I'd be happy to make more, but it's over to you now - I can't wait to hear what you have to say!!

NB There is still time to enter my 50 Fat Quarter Makes GIVEAWAY, check out the post here, ends midnight tonight!!!


  1. I wish I was going purely to have an excuse to machine embroider the word Sponge onto something!

  2. Brilliant idea, look forward to it! Will have to come up with a word as good as Pennydog's Sponge though.