Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lone Star Rising Quilt

I'm delighted to be sharing my Lone Star Rising quilt with you today!
I made this quilt at the beginning of the year for Quilt Now magazine. It is the first Lone Star I have made and I totally fell in love with the pattern. I can see a few more Lone Star quilts in my future!

There are quite a few off-centre Lone Stars around but most of them knock off just one or two of the arms. I decided to knock off 4 arms and place my star right up in the top left corner. When I put it there it reminded me of the way I used to draw a sun when I was tiny. So then it became a rising sun, hence the title Lone Star Rising.

It's also a bit of an homage to Carolyn Friedlander as I used fabrics from her 'Doe' line for the star, a crosshatch from 'Architextures' for the background and one from 'Botanics' for the binding! There's a plain black and white gingham on the back as it seems like quite a masculine quilt and I didn't want the back to spoil that!

I was very happy to see that it made the cover too, albeit as an inset (that main cover quilt totally deserves the limelight!).

And they did some lovely shots inside too.
Here it is on my own bed. It's pretty big (for my quilts anyway!) at 71 inches square, and my husband's a big fan of this one, so I think it might end up staying here when it's returned to me.

I always forget to talk about the thread I use, I am pretty much exclusively using Aurifil 50 for both piecing and quilting these days. One of the things I love most about it for quilting is that you get so much more on a bobbin than regular cotton, meaning less ends to thread in later!

I used this pale green shade (5017) that I bought from Sheila at last year's Stitch Gathering. Sheila sells Aurifil online if you are looking for some. I would thoroughly recommend it.

There was quite a bit of negative space on this quilt which is good for showing off some fancy FMQ. I decided to go for an overall design and not get too fancy, so I quilted 4 different leaves in a trailing pattern. I love doing leaves so this was easy but lots of fun and I think a bit different. Nominally they are holly, oak, beech and sycamore, but don't look too closely, they are not botanically correct!

I hope you get a chance to see the magazine and the way I have tackled the piecing. I think I came up with a neat, quick, strip-piecing method that takes the fiddles out of this design. The size of the diamonds means it grows pretty quickly too.

This last shot is taken against our new mini barn that my husband built. It's the perfect backdrop to photograph my quilts!
You can see more shots of the barn (during and after construction) and his design ideas for Tiny Houses here.


  1. I love this quilt Jo! Future class?

  2. So exciting for you AND Jonathan! I added his blog to my list. Such a great idea. Yes...I think he deserves your beautiful quilt!!

  3. I love it, it's a beautiful quilt.

  4. Just fantastic, not seen an off centre lone star before. Love it :)

  5. Lovely ! Off to follow the link now ;-)

  6. Absolutely stunning quilt, Jo! xx

  7. Stunning, I especially like the colours you have used. It would take along time but I think it could also be made with EPP, maybe as a project tot get through the whole of the winter while watching films with the family. x

  8. It's such a beautiful quilt and I didn't realise how big it is until I saw it on your bed, wow! It deserves the cover, and it's been lovely reading the story behind it too :-)

  9. OMG Jo, LOVE your Lone Star!!! The orange is perfect!

  10. Wow! This is such a stunning quilt! Love it to pieces.:)