Sunday, 14 December 2014

Scandi Stitch Cushion

I've been working on a short series of 'stitchy' projects for Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine and the first one to appear in print is this Scandi style needlework cushion.

It's in issue 16 which should be out now and features Lynne's fabulous Honeycomb Hexie quilt on the cover.

The photo at the top is from the magazine and here are some photos I took before I sent the cushion off. Can you spot the difference??!

The cushion is made from wool felt and embroidered with Appleton's crewel wool.
I think this is one of my favourite magazine projects yet! I loved designing the pattern and stitching it.

I haven't done much embroidering on felt before and it is really nice to do. You don't need to use a hoop as the felt is so stable. The crewel wool can be a little annoying to work with but I like the cosy feel it gives the finished piece.

LP&Q have produced a fabulous free stitch guide pdf to go along with this project which you can download from their website, it is so well done and could be useful for all sorts of embroidery projects.

For each of the stitchy projects I have designed an accompanying hanging heart as a 'mini make'.
I think this would make a fabulous tree decoration and as it is so small you probably still have time to whip one up for your tree this year!

It's a lovely feeling to see something you are so proud of in the pages of a magazine and think 'I made that!'.
Really looking forward to seeing some other folks have a go at this one too!

Meanwhile I'm about to go quiet for a week as I am off to Tenerife for a week with my sister! Can't wait to feel the sun on my face again :)
I may try and do a 'scheduled post' while I'm away if I get time tomorrow in between packing and finishing Christmas present making!


  1. i love the embroidery .. I was just thinking the other day that I might now be enjoying embroidery more than sitting at my sewing machine. Have a lovely holiday ... hope you're taking some hand stitching with you!!!

  2. Ack! I like where YOU had the pompoms! They kinda look silly sticking out from the bottom corners!;)
    It's just beautiful!

    Have fun with your sis! xo

  3. Beautiful pattern Jo and have a fun holiday!

  4. Your pillow is beautiful and have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Wow. That is so beautiful! Have a lovely time in Tenerife.

  6. You are right to feel proud of this beautiful stitching. I really love it Jo.

  7. It looks gorgeous, love the red and white work :o) Have a great holiday!

  8. Lovely cushion, rather like the double pompoms at the top too, kinda quirky.
    Enjoy your break.x