Monday, 8 December 2014

Modern Medallion - in progress

I've been planning to make this quilt for a while now. It's going to be a new 10 week evening course at myBearpaw Studio.
But of course I never leave myself enough time!

I started it a month ago and completed a large centre and a border of HSTs.

I had some positive feedback on Instagram and from my MQG buddies at show and tell last month.

Some magazine deadlines and our Silver Wedding trip to Copenhagen meant rain stopped play until last Tuesday when I knew I had just 3 days to finish it!

I had been planning another border but the last one nearly killed me and this does need to be achievable in 10 x 2 hour sessions (with homework!) so I stopped after the friendship stars. However I will be adding at least one more plain border to finish and possible a short scrappy one (I want it to be a good size).

A quick look at this quilt's journey so far as seen on IG. The middle of the centre block...

...some added 'Bearpaws', I thought it was about time I incorporated these somewhere!

Later that same day (hence bad photo)... A round of HSTs.

3 weeks later I got straight to it again with this mosaic type round featuring mini portholes in the corners.
Then a round of spool blocks. I think this is my favourite border so far, but what to do in the corners?

I plumped for a version of the cross and plus block, enlarged slightly to fit and echoing the centre.

The next round involved me making 36 of these cute Friendship Star blocks. It nearly broke me.

The worst bit is making all the decisions!! After I got all those stars on I really had no brain power left to design something new for the corners, and I was running out of time! This was last Thursday afternoon and I still needed to finish another new class sample and then go out for a meal with a gang of my students (such fun!). On the Friday I needed to load up all the new classes online and then head to the studio to set everything up for our big 2015 Workshop Launch weekend!

So I looked around at my spare blocks and found the free-hand New York Beauty I made for my class at the Stitch Gathering this year. I realised each quarter would fit perfectly! So I unpicked the 4 sections and attached them! Desperate measures and all that! I actually love the way they've added a slight rounding to the outer edges.

I'm not sure what everyone will make of this, as yet unfinished, Modern Medallion quilt top, but I know my students must like the look of it as the class is FULLY BOOKED already!!

We had a fantastic weekend and I am now enjoying a lovely rest :)


  1. Lovely to reuse the block and such a good idea for a class. I'm sure it will be great fun. I've been saving red and white fabrics to make a two colour medallion ... One day!

  2. You know how I love a medallion quilt and this is a beaut, Jo! Your accidental New York Beauties are inspired!!

  3. What a stunning medallion quilt and such a blaze of colour. No wonder your class is booked out!!

  4. From afar the skinny yellow border looks like a measuring tape!:)

  5. It's wonderful! What a fun class, I bet your students love it.

  6. Wow! It is gorgeous! Can't believe how quickly you made it O.0

  7. It's wonderful Jo, I'm not surprised your class is fully booked!

  8. I'm rather glad Hads came up with the pattern for our mystery Brit Bee one, I can only imagine the headaches of 'what now' for the next round! Yours looks great anyway :o)