Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dala Horse

Issue 15 of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine hits the newstands today and I am so happy to be able to share this month's project with you... Dala Horse! And look, he made the cover too!!

This was one of my favourite projects for LP&Q that I've done so far.

The nice thing about working with the editor Jen so regularly over the past year is that she's got to know my strengths and the sort of things I like to do.
So this was a dream job for me. He was all Jen's idea and she specifically asked for an EPP saddle and some embroidery on the mane.

It was such fun bringing this fellow to life, the whole thing was right 'up my street'!
I actually started my sewing life with toy making (my first bit of sewing was a  toy squirrel when I was just 6!) and spent most of my childhood designing and making soft toys.

Here's the tiny EPP saddle before it was hand quilted.

The photo below gives you a good idea of his size, he's quite a large horse!
He is a very simple construction, just a front, back and gusset, but it's all about the details, with his belts, reins and mane.

I've always loved the Swedish Dala Horse since I saw them in just about every shop window of Gamla Stan (Stockholm's old town) on a trip there 5 years ago. I hope I have managed to preserve their folky whimsical spirit with this soft version.

This month's LP&Q mag is full of the usual fabulous projects including that fantastic fireworks quilt by Karen Lewis on the cover. Really it just keeps getting better and better!

If any of my readers get a chance to make their own Dala Horse with my pattern then please share with me, I'd love to see them!


  1. Your Dala Horse looks wonderful, I love all the little details you have added. Until the photo of you holding it, I thought it was much smaller. It would also look great in mini version but be more fiddly to create.

  2. Oooh, he's quite a big boy, isn't he? He's gorgeous though

  3. I think Lynz might have to make one of these for the Chook!!:)

  4. Oh he's fab! I've been trying not to buy magazines, but I see I'll have to give in this month!!!

  5. Love your Dalahorse--Dalahäst--in wonderful coulurs and details. Waiting for that magazine coming to me.
    Greetings from Sweden and Gudrun

  6. He's fantastic.....somehow very 'you' too. Sewing with bling - you are very good a walking the fine line between enough and too much! I'm sure there'll be lots more made from your pattern. Juliex

  7. Your Dalahast is fabulous!

  8. This is incredible. I really love it and am thinking of a dala-hack to create a dala reindeer. Did an embroidery dala-unicorn once but this makes my cogs turn and fingers wriggle :D