Friday, 19 September 2014

We came, we stitched and we gathered!

The second Stitch Gathering Modern Quilt Retreat took place on Sunday. I feel like I have hardly drawn breath since then as I've been desperately battling to finish a load of commissions in time. Plus there was this 'thing' going on in Scotland you might have heard about. It was very distracting!

So I'm finally getting round to posting about our special day. this is the first of a few posts as I want to show you all the amazing ticket tote bags and also share and GIVEAWAY the last GOODY BAG! Plus I'll be adding a Linky so that you can read all the other blogger's posts in one place.

But right now let's look at some pictures from the day. It really was an awesome day. I think it was even better than last year and I had so much fun. It's really like organising your own giant sewing party!

The photo above is of Julie's Cafe Apron class showing off their new aprons (including one suspicious looking man who I don't think actually made that apron!).

Here's some from the Show and Tell at lunchtime. Karen's made this giant quilt top at a workshop with Kaffe Fassett himself!

Here's Margaret's finished Modern Sampler Quilt from my evening course. I love her colour choices.

This is Sheila's simply stunning Farmer's Wife quilt!!

Here's Fiona getting started on her Apple Core EPP class.

This is the Lucky Dip, always a highlight! I'm clearly over excited at this point!

The Ticket Tote Bag Swap was a huge success...

More on this in a separate post.

Here I am teaching Patchwork Doggies in the afternoon. Do you recognise that redhead? Yes it's Jenny Fox-Proverbs, editor of Love Patchwork and Quilting!

Lastly here are my morning Freehand New York Beauty class - they did so well!

A huge thank you to all our sponsors, teachers, helpers and all you lovely Stitch Gatherers for being part of such a wonderful day! We'll definitely be doing it again next year!
Rest of Jonathan'a pic's here.


  1. It looks like you had a very successful day - well done!

  2. missing you!! Did you do the drawing for the quilt?:)

  3. Oh wow it looks amazing. I'm so glad it's going from strength to strength

  4. so gutted i wasnt there! best sewing party ever :-) suspicious looking man looks like he had fun again! how much did the ticket quilt make? dying to know!

  5. It was an awesome day, Jo. Huge congrats and thank you to you and your team for making it amazing!

  6. Wow, so much was accomplished! I would love to be part of an event like this some time.

  7. I enjoyed seeing all the lovely quilts, thanks for sharing!

  8. It all looks so wonderful and incredible fun. x

  9. Aww, it's a shame no-one passed you the pic of the suspicious looking man curtseying in that apron ;o)

  10. It looks like a wonderful day!

    P.S. The Kaffe quilt is stunning!

  11. It was a really fun day, thanks so much for all the organising!