Sunday, 6 July 2014

Together Circle Quilt - a FAL finish!

Yes it's my third FAL finish this quarter! That's a record for me :)

This is my Together Circle Quilt. This is the circle I belong to in the do. Good Stitches group on Flickr

Every month we produce a new quilt for charity. I am usually a stitcher which means I just sew 2 blocks every month and somebody else sews the blocks together and quilts them. But occasionally I become the 'guest quilter'. This also means I get to choose the block we make and the charity it goes to.

The Japanese Cross and Plus block is one that I've included in my Modern Sampler Quilt evening class and I really enjoy making these. It's a nice quick easy block as it's quite small. I chose a palette of red, navy, turquoise and lime green.

This project was in my first quarter FAL too but it just kept getting pushed back down the list with everything that's being going on for me this year.
I am finally having a bit of time at home (classes finished for a month last weekend) so have had time this week to get some UFO's ticked off the list.

I decided to try a large spiral FMQ for the quilting.
However I regretted this too late to change it as I had trouble getting the large spirals to curve smoothly due to:
A. not big enough hands
B. I don't have an extension table!!
Why don't I have an extension table??! I just never got around to purchasing one for my machine and actually I had never really missed one until now. This would have been a lot easier if I'd had one.

Consequently I'm not that happy with the quilting, though it looks a lot better now it's been washed and tumble dried.

It's not a massive quilt at 35 x 55 inches, but I think it will be perfect for a child which is why it's going to Sibling's Together!

I'm hoping it'll be a good gender neutral quilt too. I'll be bringing it down to London to hand over at the quilt drive on the Saturday night.
I used this lovely Riley Blake stripe to back it with, which coincidentally happens to be in our sale with 33% off at the moment (check out all our sale fabric here)!!

Thanks to all the lovely Together Circle quilters for helping make this such a cool quilt!

Really happy to be linking up to Katy's FAL 2nd Quarter with 3 whole finishes! Woohoo!

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  2. There is way too much to enjoy in this quilt to worry about the quilting. Anyone would love it. What a wonderful gift. I'd have a hard time giving it up. Rose

  3. Jo this looks bright and cheery, a super gift for a super cause! Glad to see you have some great finishes for the second quarter, well done!

  4. Fabulous finish! This pattern just looks great, no matter which fabrics or color ways!

  5. It looks fantastic Jo! Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh ,so to speak!

  6. The quilt is beautiful. I agree that it is very gender neutral. Some child will be thrilled to get the wonderful quilt. You did a beautiful job of quilting it. When I saw that you live in the UK, my heart leapt. My paternal grandfather came to the US alone when he was 17. I thought it was only a dream that some day I could go to his homeland. Well, I got an ad from a company that is doing a quilt tour to England the first part of August. My best quilting buddy and I are taking the tour. Every time I think about visiting my roots, I get very emotional. I have no idea what to expect. I am thankful to my brother and my children for encouraging me to do this. I almost didn't mention it and they have all been very, very supportive. My husband (not their dad) died a year ago July 30, so I've been taking extra strides to do somethings. I've been volunteering with my quilt guild and am starting to volunteer with some grief programs at my church. So, I feel somewhat selfish to do this for myself. I usually do things for other people. Thank you for sharing for wonderful quilt and thanks for including the names of the blocks. I love them.

  7. Cutting it close there missus ;o) Lovely quilt though

  8. I am in love with this darling little quilt. I love scrappy ones and this is perfect! Sorry you are not happy with the quilting. We are our own worst critics. I feel the same about every quilt I quilt until I get away from it for awhile. When I come back in a month or so I usually love it!

    Darling blog too!

  9. This is an unbelievably colorful quilt— I just love it!