Friday, 16 May 2014

The Stitch Gathering Ticket Quilt!

Today I am taking part in the Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2014! I have exhibited at every festival apart from the first (didn't get my blog started until a few weeks after it took place!).

Once you've read all about this quilt please head over to Amy's blog and take a look at all the others!

Last August I hosted the first Stitch Gathering Modern Quilt Retreat in Edinburgh. It was a huge success and we are just gearing up for another great day on September 14th this year.

Last year all participants were sent a fabric ticket in the post. We had these printed in 7 different colourways by Spoonflower.

We asked everyone to embellish their tickets any way they wanted and hand them back at the event.
Well, as you can see, our Retreaters excelled themselves!

A couple of weeks ago I started piecing all 56 blocks in to this quilt which I just finished (almost) yesterday.
I'd love to show you a close up of every single ticket as they are all so imaginative and creative, but I know you have other quilts to view so we'll just highlight a few sections.

I started to hand quilt some of the centres to add extra texture (see top left and right tickets above) but ran out of time (and my wrist was twinging again), but I will continue to hand quilt where I think it adds to the design over the next few months.

Here's a close-up of the FMQ quilting. I did a sort of trailing double loop in the sashing using a dark turquoise colour and daisies in the border using a variegated green that gives quite an unusual effect. Both threads were Aurifil 50 in shades 2810 and 4653 respectively. Both of which I received in the amazing Stitch Gathering goody bag from last year's event! Thanks Alex ;)
I also machine quilted around a lot of the inner circles with my walking foot, but it was fiddly so I decided to try hand quilting the rest.

The plan has always been to raffle the finished quilt for charity, and so that everyone who had a hand in making the quilt gets to help choose the charity we are going to hold a poll on our website and ask Last Year's Retreaters to vote from a short list. Once tickets are ready to sell I will let everyone know here.

We can then exhibit the quilt at this year's event and choose the raffle ticket at the end of the day. I love how this has become a kind of community arts project now!

Here is the back, I didn't have enough of the Amy Butler fabric to match the pattern but the colours work so well that I decided not to let it annoy me too much!

It was hard to decide which category to enter this in, as the group quilt category has disappeared this year, so I have plumped for Art Quilts as each one of these tickets is a little work of art in my opinion! And somehow they've all worked together to produce a beautiful quilt!

I have a fantastic, and quite different idea for this year's Stitch Gathering ticket which I am working on currently. Tickets should be landing on doormats in June and if you'd like one yourself and to take part in this year's ticket project (as well as all the rest of the Stitch Gathering fun!) we still have some event tickets left. All the details are here.

Now head on over to the quilt festival for more quilty beauty and fun!


  1. Gorgeous Jo! I see my effort in there. Great choice of sashing and borders, can't wait for raffle

  2. Great quilt - and what a fantastic idea! Good luck with the raffle ;-))

  3. Don't they all go well together?! Such a lovely quilt, Jo (check you with your fancy FMQ!) and so nice to think it will raise some charitable pennies. I spotted mine too! *g* Roll on the raffle!!

  4. WhoooHoooo, I see my wee little village on the top row!:) Sure wish I could be there this year but alas we have to save more pennies....and get more miles on our card!;)

    Love your sashing and quilting girlie!

    Looking forward to helping pick out a charity!

  5. This quilt is amazing I really love the individuality that comes out in the squares

  6. Oh Jo, it's stunning! Great work pulling all of that artwork together!

  7. You are so right that each block is an art work!! I love how they're all so different.The setting and quilting sets them off beautifully.

  8. whoa. I did a double take because our quilts look a bit similar. only the stories are completely different! we have a similar layout, and similar sashing fabric. check it out!
    that's a beautiful quilt you've got there. thanks for sharing!

  9. Jo. - that was an amazing idea, and is a stunning quilt, I wish I could be part of the next one, but work and distance have again conspired against me xxx

  10. It looks FAN-TAN-TIC Jo :)

  11. That is a very cool project! I love the idea of fabric admission tickets. Great job!

  12. such a genius idea and it's a fabulous result too

  13. Wow, that is amazing. Thanks for sharing in the festival. Janita

  14. I really wish that you were closer so that I could come this year and be n with a chance of seeing this beaut in the flesh :-(

  15. Excellent finish- good luck!

  16. the quilt looks so fab Jo, proud to contribute but your finishing has made it all look even better. Great job as always.

  17. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.