Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pro Guide to Quilting and a new basting tool


Have you seen this new 'bookazine'?
The Pro Guide to Quilting is the latest in a series of guides from the same people who make Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

It's actually much more like a book than a magazine and is absolutely packed full (163 pages!) of information, tips and tutorials all about patchwork and quilting, including this hand quilting tutorial from yours truly.

Loving that 'expert guide' tag at the top!!
This is an excellent primer for a relative newbie, but I think even an 'expert' will still learn something new from this publication and get inspired by the projects. It costs £9.99 and you can buy it in big newsagents or supermarkets and online here.

And speaking of learning new quilting techniques, I tried out a new tool recently. This is a micro fastener for basting. It's a mini version of the tool we call a 'kibble gun' in the shop, and used for price tagging certain items (like textiles). This one is specifically for crafters and takes tiny tags and has a finer needle. You can just see the tags in the photo below.

It certainly seemed quicker than pinning (and more fun!), but I think it needs a bit of practice. Not all the tags went all the way through to the back, and though the whole thing stayed to together fine for machine quilting (I am now adding some hand quilting to finish), there will now be loads of little half tags lost in the middle of the quilt. Also I think it will be a tedious job finding and cutting all the tags when I've finished (but then I didn't have to stop and take out pins while I was quilting).
I will try it again to see if I can improve my 'prodding' technique for the next quilt, and will report back.

I am basting the Stitch Gathering Ticket Quilt here, and hope to have it ready to share with you on Friday as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival!


  1. Oh, thanks for the tips! Both the bookazine and the basting tip, I love learning about new tricks :-)

  2. Congrats on the bookzine article...that's fantastic you expert you!:)

    That fastener looks great....couple questions....where did you do it...on a flat floor....did that make marks on the floor?

    When you have to clip all the fastners go out on your wonderful back porch and do it so they don't get all over the house!;)

    Can't wait to see the "Ticket" Quilt!!:)

  3. That's my ticket you're basting! I definitely felt a bit ashamed of my effort when I saw some of the amazingly beautiful work on other people's:-) Looking forward to seeing the quilt!

  4. Cool on a mini - would drive me bonkers trying to find them all on a bigger quilt too!

  5. Ooh that quilt is looking good Jo.

  6. You say kibble, I say kimble ;) Looking forward to the big reveal ;)