Thursday, 17 April 2014

ORBC Quilt Along - The Story So Far

(Yes, this is the Cherry Blossoms of Washington, DC!)

Greeting from Virginia.  Hello everyone out there in myBearpawland, I'm thrilled to be here as Jo's first guest blogger!:)  I asked Jo if she would mind telling all her fans about the new round at Old Red Barn Quilt Along and she said, sure... how about you do it and tell a little history about the group?:)
You betcha pal!
Ok...a little history lesson first. 

In 2009 our soon to be good pal Dana started the Old Red Barn Quilt Along flickr group with a Rail Fence tutorial and a sewing machine giveaway!  She took us from selecting our fabrics to sewing on the binding and everything in between all with good humor and grace.

Photos were uploaded full of luscious fabrics.*

New quilting notions like mats, rulers and rotary cutters were shown with pride.
Novice quilters and seasoned stitchers were getting excited.

Photos heaped with freshly cut strips or nicely wrapped jellyrolls (of the fabric variety) were posted and people started commenting and ooooohing and ahhhhing.

Questions were answered, lessons were learned, a community was formed.

After the last instruction was posted and the lucky winner announced (not me!) this group of creative, funny and inspiring peeps didn't want the fun to end.

Amy stepped up and penned Round 2-Zig Zag.

John wrote Round 3-Wonky Log Cabin.

Heidi created Round 4-Modern Curves and this wonderful community just kept growing!

I was lucky enough to do Round 9 with the Ticker Tape Tutorial.....

....and now I'm honored to be hosting Round 15 with my pattern Angled Frames!!!:)

This pattern is 
~fast and friendly
~scrap happy
~a stash star
~fat quarter sassy
~width of fabric fantastic
~large scale print fun

Did I say EASY?

To top it off I'll show you all kinds of extras you can make with the trimmings!!:)

Come be part of the fun by joining an ORBC tradition of happy photo posting, 
witty banter and fantastic inspiration.
All Rounds at ORBC are linked here for your sewing knowledge and viewing pleasure!
A great big virtual hug to Jo for letting me visit and sit a spell!:)
*All photos show my stuff!:)


  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity Jo...this is my "first" too!;)
    Guess I should have introduced myself at the beginning of the post! Haha!

  2. Everyone knows you Dee! I'm saving the instructions to make soon :-)