Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hello World!


Regular readers will already know how much I love Cori Dantini's fabrics. I have used both of her previous collections to make cushions and wallhangings. Last year Blend Fabrics asked me to make a pillow from Cori's 'The Sweet Life' collection for their booth at Quilt Market.

Well they've asked me to make another pillow for Cori's beautiful new collection 'Hello World!'. So I have been working on this on and off for the last couple of weeks. It's not finished but I wanted to show you it 'in progress' so I can talk about Hello World, which finally arrived in the UK a few weeks ago,

We have 10 of the 12 fabrics in the collection (with the other 2 arriving soon I hope!) available in our store and on our website. They feature the usual delightful, whimisical illustrations from Cori, but this time the line is aimed specifically at the nursery.
This panel below is a whole width of bolt (so each square measures 11") and would make a gorgeous baby quilt with very little effort! We are selling a 'welcoming committee' panel containing 2 of the strips (so 8 squares, 2 of each animal) for £8.99.

Though aimed at new borns (hence the name!) I think the fabric would work for all sorts of projects. There are some great low volumes and blenders and I just adore those colour-wash scallops.

So for the new pillow I decided to make some mini stripy Dresden plates...

...and turn them into decorative frames for Cori's little creatures! These are all from the mini menagerie fabric.
I just have to add the all important hand quilting now, but as my ridiculously weak wrist is still playing up I am having to ration my quilting time to a few hours a week, with lots of rest in between bouts. So you'll have to wait a while before I can show you the finished pillow!

Meanwhile you can start your own Hello World project! We have fat quarter and fat eighths bundles ready to go as well as all the fabric available in fat quarters or yardage. Take a look at them all here.
And if you like Cori's style just take a look at ALL these amazing duvet covers you can buy!!


  1. Sometimes I wish I had some little kids in my family; this looks just wonderful. I love your striped Dresden motives.

  2. The mini dresden frames are adorable. I do love Cori Dantini's work, and this is a great example of how to use it.

  3. This is such cute fabric, I don't think I've seen her other lines which I am actually quite upset about!

  4. every time... and i mean EVERY TIME i see what you make with my fabric, i gasp. i am not joking or exaggerating. it is a true thrill! thank you so much for holding the magic in your fingers and making what you do! you are AMAZING!!!

  5. Such sweet fabric and I love your portholes and dresdens! How lovely to have your work on display at Quilt Market, it's going to look fabulous!!

  6. Goodness girlie that is soooo sweet! You know just what to do with a piece of fabric!
    Yes, I think those scallops are amazing but what you did with them even more so!;)

  7. I still have a bundle of her older line, I might have to order this one too. Your pillow is lovely and I sure hope your hand is improving.

  8. Gosh Jo, the pillow is beautiful! You've made a work of art.

  9. This is adorable fabric, thanks for showcasing it. I especially like the fussy cut giraffes.

  10. Love this project, I'll try and get a photo in situ for you :o)