Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Improv EPP

I bet you didn't know you could do Improv EPP, did you? Well it turns out you can!
Yes I know it is another cushion, but this one is for me, and it's also my first FAL finish this year.

This project started more than a year ago now as a project to show off the lovely Chicopee fabric that had just been delivered at the shop. I worked out a design and started sewing. But I got this far (above) and it just wasn't working for me. So I made a Cathedral Window cushion instead and put the EPP aside.

But I don't like leaving things unfinished (I'm a good girl really), and this EPP hung around the sewing room, staring at me and sighing a lot.
Meanwhile I had been working on another project using Chicopee charm packs. These had the whole range in, lots more colours and designs than I had originally ordered. And luckily there were some scraps left over.
So I just went random. I had those 3 original shapes (hexy, half hexy and diamond) and I added one more by cutting some diamond papers in half. And I just started adding on bits and pieces and more patterns emerged. I was having fun so I kept going!

A few weeks later I had made it big enough to make into a 20" cushion. And the best thing is that I liked it now! And how nice does it look with my Rustic Granny Square Blanket?!

But, of course, it needed some hand quilting with perles. And again I felt like going 'off piste' a little.
I have been getting very in to my FMQ patterns recently and I wondered how these would look as hand quilting.

I drew the design on to the cushion cover with a Pilot Frixion pen, scaling it up a little, and used a pink variegated perle cotton number 8 to quilt. I'm really loving the way it turned out and would love to try it on a whole quilt one day.
Unfortunately I have been suffering with tendonitis in my left wrist and though I originally thought it was the knitting that caused it, I now think it could be hand quilting too, since recovery has taken a bit of a backwards step since I finished this. So a whole quilt may have to be a very long term project!

Here is the back. I used some old furnishing fabric and my original button loops, they ended up much higher than usual this time. Also I have included a bound edge, a first for me, and largely due to this great tutorial on Amy Ellis's blog the other day.

So I am going to have to slow down my crafting a bit and try to knock this tendonitis on the head. I have tried lots of different solutions and have it strapped up most of the time (I've even ordered some special 'crafters' gloves!) but I have come to the conclusion that I need to actually rest it *sigh*.
The next post will be more about this year's Stitch Gathering, but if I go a bit quiet after that then you will know why :(

Update: This is my one and only finish in this quarter FAL - I feel a little shame faced but am linking-up anyway and this is the post with the original list Katy ;)
I will try again for a better result next quarter!


  1. Lovely cushion. Goes well with the crochet granny squares blanket

  2. Love it!!! I do a lot of EPP but hadn't thought of mixing it like this. The hand quilting really sets it off beautifully. I hope your hand gets better soon, at least it was worth it!

  3. What a beautiful and original cushion! Greetings from Athens.

  4. It really does look great sitting there on the chair and I love the dotty curtains!:)
    Sorry your hand hurts....I do think hand quilting is harder as I have been doing a lot of that lately and with cutting so much in the shop AND shoveling so much snow my wrist ache too. It's so hard to stop though!!:)

  5. Fab cushion Jo! I love chicopee and this shows it off beautifully. Sorry to hear about your tendinitis too :-(

  6. Oh lovely! I am feeling the need for a scrappy bit of EPP really soon, and you have just made it more urgent!!
    Hope you manage some rest and recuperation xxx

  7. Oh this is stunning! Very creative and actually has a constellation look about it! I love that you did hand fmq! I hope your hand is better soon x

  8. Ha, bet Mr A is thrilled by another cushion :oD It looks great though, whatever he says ;o)

    Hope the tendonitis clears up soon, trust me, you don't want to get to the point where they whack it in plaster (says the woman who's had that happen to her 3 times!)

  9. Love what you did with this improve!
    It looks really classy and a great finish : )

  10. It's beauteous! Heal quickly and well!

  11. I love your hand FMQ - the pillow is stunning :-)

  12. Hope your wrist gets better soon, might be worth seeing a specialist? This cushion is fab, I'd have no idea that it wasn't meticulously planned if you hadn't said.

  13. I love the cushion, it is excellent. I sure hope your wrist is better soon, sometimes it really does need some rest to recover.

  14. Looks great Jo. I like bound edges on cushions. I just think it finishes them off well. Hope the wrist is not so painful now and you are giving it a rest.

  15. I found your blog via google and I'm so glad I popped by. Gorgeous makes and stunning photography, I'm going to be a regular visitor x

  16. Don't you just hate it when those wip's stare at you! Rest up that wrist and it will get better quicker x