Friday, 7 February 2014

Botch Handle Cushion

This week a friend had a special birthday (a number I am heading for in just a few years too!) so I made her this cushion out of gorgeous Dashwood fabric. I just love those foxes.

This is the Botch Handle block for my Modern Sampler Quilt which I finally finished a few weeks back. I am teaching this class again at the moment and as this is quite a challenging block I really had to make one along with the class, but I made it with this cushion (and the recipient) in mind.

I even used a zip and made piping! Shame I couldn't get that toadstool fabric up the right way though!
And some pretty hand quilting finished it off. I just can't make a cushion without some perle cotton hand quilting.

This is the second time I have taught this class. The first time I made a block along with each class, which means I have enough blocks for a whole new quilt!
Here is Botch Handle number too, featuring some Essex yarn-dyed in black.

Here is the needle-turn applique block, but this time with added yo-yos. 

Here are the 'pluses' or 'chunky crosses'. What does everyone else call this block?

A couple of fans and a couple of baskets. I had just finished my 'Polka Around the World' quilt when I made these so I used up some scraps for the baskets.

More polka dots (I was on a roll!) for this Pineapple Log Cabin. The quilt also contains some Japanese + and x blocks, but these are going in to my Together Circle quilt (very soon!). And a 'Dresden Village' but I showed you that block already here.

So as you can see, I already have another quilt to finish here. Therefore I am trying to avoid building up a whole new set of blocks with this current class by turning them into cushions and such like.
Or maybe I should wait, teach this class another 6 times, and then have enough blocks for 8 different types of quilt!


  1. I am a real cushion fan as you can try sonething out without committing to a making a quilt. You will have cushions for all your friends by the time that your course is finished. They all will be beautiful. Di x

  2. Gosh I love your cushion and the blocks you are showing here but as I have a thing for dots and pineapple your pineapple block is my winner!

  3. They're all gorgeous blocks and will make wonderful cushions!

  4. Wow, block central there! I'm sure you need more cushions at home ;o)

  5. I love cushions and a girl can never have too many. You could always make the extra blocks up into cushion covers then put them away in a present drawer for Christmas and birthdays, that way you are ahead on Christmas and never caught without a birthday present, or a get well present, or a just because present. I particularly like the needle turn block with suffolk puffs.

  6. Some real beauties there! That's an awful lot of cushions or are you going to give them away as pressies?

  7. What a gorgeous present - I'm sure your friend will love it! And all the other blocks are just stunning!

  8. Everything is lovely but my favourite is definitely the applique box, I'm all about the applique right now!

  9. What a wonderful 'side effect' of running your classes, to have whole set of lovely blocks to play with. It's a win-win situation.
    Teresa x