Friday, 5 July 2013

Garden Shed Wallhanging - FREE pattern pdf!

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I had such a lovely time playing with my new Cori Dantini line 'The Sweet Life' by Blend Fabrics, and here is the result!
I love Cori's illustrations and when I saw these garden themed ladies for some reason I wanted to put each of them in their own little shed!
My original title was 'Allotments' but having checked with my USA consultant (Dolores!), allotment isn't a word that's really used there. And seeing as this project is for an American fabric company I changed the name to Garden Sheds.
It's a very simple construction, that can be whipped up in no time. I also think it would make a very pretty quilt if you made 3 rows of sheds and paths before putting the piano key border on.
You could also use the pattern with any fabric that featured figures.
Of course I went to town a bit with my hand quilting (as is my way!), which did add a few hours to the project (but I love doing it!). And this time I added French Knots for the first time on a quilt. I thought the garden sheds should have a trailing, flowering vine around the door.
Also, in 'The Sweet Life' world, there should be fluffy clouds in the sky, every lady should have a flower on her dress and the path should be strewn with pebbles.
The Sweet Life should be hitting the stores any time now (in the USA, it takes a bit longer to get to us in the UK) so if you would like to make your own version of this wall hanging then I have produced a pattern / tutorial pdf which you can view and download by clicking the link at the top of the page.
I should have plenty of this line in our store (both real and online) as soon as it gets here. Plus I will be producing a kit for Garden Sheds Wallhanging as soon as possible.
I would love to hear about, and see any versions you make, so please share! And enjoy!!


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  2. I still have my stack of her first fabrics, I want this bunch when they come out too. Your little wall hanging is adorable too.

  3. Lovely ladies! & "allotments" is exactly what they are called in community gardens in the North East. But this is a big place & your consultant is probably from some place else, so better safe than sorry...I got curious & asked what they call the here (in the South East) & I was told "plots". Grisly.

  4. Sweet pattern and adorable stitching!

  5. I saw them as beach huts!!!!! Gorgeous!

  6. Hahaha....I have used the word allotment but not in relation to a garden plot...yes plot! Now whenever I hear the word "plot" I'll have to hold back a chuckle!:)

    It's lovely Jo...well done!:)

  7. Heh, I've never really seen sheds that much where I've been in the US and Canada either! I'm sure they'll get the point though :oD

  8. Such gorgeous fabric and you've made it more beautiful with your stitching!

  9. This is sooooo sweet. Love it! And the little ladies with your embroidery are adorable. I guess this will be added to my to-do list. Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful summer in the garden - greetings from Germany

  10. Lovely use of hand quilting, especially the French knots. What thread are you using? I use perlé #8 quite often for hand-quilting these days.

    1. Thank you. Yes I used DMC perle number 8 throughout - it is my fav hand quilting thread too!

  11. AGAIN! speechless!!!! this is so fantastic and YOU are SO talented. simply magic...

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