Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Sweet Life Begins

Look at this lovely bundle of yummy gorgeousness! This is Cori Dantini's new line of fabric and I am a very lucky girl to be getting to play with this before it even hits the stores!
A few weeks back I got a really nice email from Cori herself saying she had seen this cushion I made out of her last (and first!) fabric line, 'Beauty is You', and how much she liked it. As you can imagine I was delighted to hear this.
This led to Blend, the fabric company Cori designs for, asking if I would like some of her NEW line to see what I could make with it.
I said 'yes please!' and a package arrived last week containing this beautiful fabric.
I actually think it is even better than the first line! It is called 'The sweet life' and is full of Cori's adorable illustrations. I am working on something using the panel above and most of the other fabrics.
But that still leaves these big panels, the 3 above are a width of bolt. I just adore these, especially this flag waving girl below. What do you think, a bag? A cushion? The centre of a quilt?
Meanwhile here are a few sneak peeks of what I've been working on with the rest of the fabric.
It's all pieced but I am planning some major hand quilting so you will have to wait a while to see the finished thing.
It's going to be a free downloadable project so if you like it you can all make one! And I've put a big order in for The Sweet Life so we'll have plenty of fabric ready when it comes out sometime in July.
I always like to show you something actually finished in every post so here is another patchwork storage caddy.
The one I made a few weeks back was meant to be for a gift, but I couldn't bear to part with it once I'd finished. So I've made another one. This time with buttons.
Here it is filled with some goodies - 3 fat quarters, a box of Twining's comforting Liquorice tea (my new favourite), and a euro scrubby (amazing scourers that we sell in the shop!).
I'm off for a few days to Whitby with my family tomorrow. I've got some crochet and some applique lined up for the train journeys. I've also got a queue of new projects to show you when I get back. See you in a few days!


  1. Oh I still have two whole panels of the last line and now I know I will be buying the new one too ;) I love her fabric designs. Lucky you!

  2. That is such fun fabric and it would be fun in totes or bags.


  3. Sweet fabric. Have a nice trip x

  4. Lucky you! The fabric looks lovely.

  5. Oh I loved that original line, but never got any of it. Really wish I had. I'm definitely going to buy some of this one though. It looks so beautiful! Love the fabric bucket too :)

  6. Well look at you...I told you your star is rising!;)

    Those panels would look fabulous cut into the three sections...add a border around each one...get 3 sets of stretcher bars...make a quilt sandwich with each panel and staple them onto the stretcher bars then do lots of fun embroidery and embellishing on each one....hang and admire!:)

  7. You know how much I loved beauty is you (my favourite quilt back EVER!) so can't wait to see more of this one. Have a nice trip!

  8. I can't wait to see what you're making! Have a great time in Whitby and don't forget to wave on your way past!

  9. Lovely fabrics, and a super little basket, great idea to add the buttons

  10. I love your creations! :) Just added you to my Flickr contact list! :)

  11. Hi there! I was really stunned with your new project. It’s really really cool and I have never thought of that ever since. Congratulations for a job well done! Thanks a lot for giving a new reason to quilt and create more useful stuff not only for ourselves but for our family.

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  12. I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister! The so lovely sewing tidy full of goodies was my birthday present - thank you again Jo x
    The lovely patchwork holder is very useful, as are the goodies inside xx

  13. Oooh, loving the look of the new line, I loved the last one!