Sunday, 23 June 2013

Modern Sampler Quilt - in progress

A couple of weeks back I mentioned how I was busy working on new classes for the Autumn, well this here quilt top was what took up most of my time.
It's not quite finished but I thought there was enough done to share with you.

I have doing my 2 intermediate patchwork evening classes, Modern Patchwork Techniques 1 and 2, for a year or so now. These are 5 week courses where we tackle a new technique every week. But at the end of the course you basically have 5 different quilts started with only a block or 2 completed. So I thought we would move on to a longer, 8 week class where all the blocks fit together to make a quilt.
But I didn't want to do a traditional sampler quilt where all the blocks are the same size and they're all sashed together as I find those sort of quilts very dull.
So I designed this to be different and modern.
Here is the star of the show IMHO, it's a crazy Dresden plate made using the EZ Dresden Ruler (which I'd bought a year ago but never used!). The ruler worked like a dream and I have to say that I am totally in love with this block and want to make a whole quilt of just these!
Next up are 2 Japanese x and + blocks. I had always loved these but never got around to trying them before. They are so quick and easy! I think my students can manage 3 of these little darlings.
I found this block in an old Amish Quilt book. It's called Botch Handle, I'm not totally sure what a 'botch' is so I may need to rename it! Any ideas folks? Or can anyone illuminate me on botches?
I updated the block to work with flying geese as the original was very fiddly.
And to the side here are 2 scrappy fan blocks. These are paper pieced and then curve pieced, but I still think we can get 2 done in a class!
Next up is a Pineapple Log Cabin. I made this entirely with strips rather than triangles (apart from the centre block). This ones a bit of a brain ache to work out but I love the effect.
A couple of baskets. I love the tall skinny baskets that I've seen on modern quilts but I decided to make mine a bit more realistic (and useful if it was an actual basket!) and to echo the shape of the traditional basket block that is usually made up of HSTs. I will increase the block size when we do the class so we don't need that filler strip (pretty thought it is).
I got this cross block from a Japanese book, but worked out a different way to make it with strips. I love it's simplicity. There are lots of blocks here that I would like to spend time exploring in more depth. I really can't imagine running out of quilts that I want to make ever!

I've just realised I forgot to take a photo of the appliqued block. This is my take on the traditional 'wreath of roses' block that I have in so many old books. Scroll up to the top photo for a quick look. Since I took these photos I have added a small flower to the leaves in the middle and a couple of mini EPP hexagon flowers to the typewriter key block in the right hand corner.
Now I have 3 borders to add before I baste and quilt.
I will post the finished quilt in a few weeks time (hopefully!).
Meanwhile I just listed the class on our website so it's ready for booking. But don't book just yet as you'll miss out on our 10% off early bird Autumn class offer which starts tomorrow (when I have got hubby to set up the discout code on the website!). If you are interested then email me or sign up for our newsletter.
I would love to know what you think of this quilt. It was actually really hard work to get it this far! I just hope I am on the right track and students feel it will be worth an 8 week class to make a similar one.


  1. Sorry I don't know what a Botch is, but I had a look in my Block Base software and this block is also known by the names of Pond Lilies, Des Moines, Lily Quilt Pattern and Lily, and here is a link .

    I love your take on a Modern Sampler Quilt and I'm sure your students are going to love making it as well. I really like the look of the filler strip, I've seen a lot of old sampler quilts which use filler strips, sometimes plain and sometimes pieced ones like Flying Geese.

  2. Wow! That is amazing!! And you are right that dresden is a show stopper. Wish I lived close enough to take that class! :)

  3. This is so modern. - I would just love to take your class, but alas I'm too far away!

  4. I love your quilt. Every block is super and the fabrics and colours are fantastic. I would love to take your class, but that's not possible as I live a long way from you. It would be interesting to see the blocks and quilts your students make.

  5. Super cute I love all the blocks.

  6. Gorgeous, love the crazy dresden x

  7. Great combo of blocks, though I may have giggled at the idea that this was to stop you having to make a whole quilt out of anyone, but now you want to make one out of the big block :oD