Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spool Block Mini Quilt

This spool block is part of my Modern Patchwork Techniques 2 evening class. It's probably the easiest week of the course.
I made a block as an initial sample, then another in the class, and then we did the course again a few months back and I made another.
And I thought, if I just make one more I could have a lovely little mini quilt...
... but I really shouldn't because next time I do the class I will have to make another sample...
...but that's not so bad because I love making them! They are great for using up scraps and preserving those special selvedges from much loved fabrics.
So I made one more, and sewed them together and machine quilted with wavy lines.
I didn't know what to use for a binding, until I thought of joining selvedges together to make one! I've never done this before, and it wouldn't be for every quilt, but I really like the effect here. And do you see what I used to make the corner hangers? I thought it was quite funny to use the paper clip fabric!
The 'thread' on these spools seemed to be crying out for real thread! So I got out my 'Potty of Perles' (I keep my perle cottons in an old chamber pot that belonged to my mum!) and chose quite a few.
Then went slightly crazy with the hand quilting! I love this 'kantha style' look and once I start stitching I find it hard to know when to stop!
As I want to start a new, follow-on, patchwork class for the Autumn and therefore may rest the MPT classes till the Spring, I thought I might use up my samples to make more mini quilts that I could put up for sale at out Scottish Modern Quilt Exhibition in August. So expect a few more of these popping up here in the near future.
Don't forget, there is still time to enter my embroidery giveaway! You have till midnight tomorrow!


  1. Oh good, you've just given me an idea...

  2. You are quite a talent lady...you have a style all your own but you aren't predictable. When I first see a thumbnail photo of yours at the top of my dashboard I'm always like....LOVE IT...but I don't always realize it's your blog until I look more closely...then I shake my head cause you did it again...you impressed me so!:) xoxo

  3. It is a lovely mini and I like the use of the selvedges. Di x

  4. Great blocks those, and so ideally suited to selvages!

  5. Such a beautiful mini - love the handstitching and your clever use of the selvedges.

  6. They look lovely Jo. Been thinking what to do with mine. Might turn it into a wee cushion x