Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Scottish Tapestry Update - getting closer!

Here's a wee update for all of you who are following the progress of The Great Tapestry of Scotland panel that my group of stitchers, The Edinburgh Tenners, have been working on. More info about this project here and here and here. There is also a Facebook page with loads of photos of all the other panels.
Liz and Katherine have been stitching the fish including this beautiful one above, which I don't think it is even finished yet!
I absolutely love the way Joan H and Nikhat have stitched the water, using a variety of intricate stitches. Close up it's even better!
Joan L is working on the otter, he is filled with very neat rows of chain stitch but is still to have his face applied.
Susan recently started working on the wolf/dog and I can tell already that it's going to be amazing, it just looks so strokeable already!
Marg has been working so hard on the horse, one of the largest animals on the panel. His coat looks so sleek and the ear is amazing (again you really need to see it up close!).
In my last update I showed you the hair I had done on the cavewoman. I was quite pleased with it until I saw Katherine's attempt at the man's hair, which is just incredible! I think it's my favourite bit on the whole panel so far.
Joy and Elizabeth have been working hard to fill in the men's tops with stem stitch.
As has Morag with the woman's top stitched in split stitch.
I have been working on the woman's 'belt' and her skirt. The belt was something she wore around her waist for gathering nuts and berries. I thought it would be good to accentuate the folds of the belt by using different textures, and as they would only have animal skins to wear, I thought I would try some fur 'trim'! It's worked in a sort of 'carpet' stitch with loops that you trim afterwards.
I've realised that the quickest, most efficient way to fill these large areas is with couching. So that's what I've done with the large areas of the belt and the scarf.
I've just realised that I forgot to take a photo of the whole panel this time. Sorry! 
Just about every bit of it is finished or started except for the giant polar bear. That's what we are moving on to next, with a meeting tomorrow night to discuss how to tackle it. 
Once the centre bit is finished we then have to individually fill up the 'boxes' around the edge. 
And everything has to be finished by June 23rd - eeeeek!


  1. This project is breathtaking!

  2. That is so amazing! I can't wait to see it in reality in 2017!

  3. So cool to be part of something sooooo size, scope and historical importance! You all rock!!

  4. Oh my! How fabulous! Well done on the work so far. It's going to be very special indeed.

  5. Hi Jo, I am keen to be involved with the project. Any idea who i should approach?

  6. Gosh this is just beautiful. Good luck with the deadline!

  7. It's looking great, but I'm dying to see the polar bear :oD

  8. Gorgeous, such fine detail, and beautiful stiching!

  9. The caveman's hair is brilliant! Can't wait to see it up close :)
    Here's the latest update on our Steamie panel

  10. It is all looking very good and the detail is stunning. I am experimenting a bit with stitches for the sea part of our panel and was impressed by the water on yours. Look forward to seeing the polar bear.