Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Notting Hill Dresden Plate Cushion

Yes, I've got a big thing about these Dresden Plate cushions. First I made this one. And then I made this one. And then I made another one that I can't show you just yet ;)
I thought it would be lovely to turn one of these into a kit that came complete with the embroidery pattern for the centre, all the fabrics, thread, and even the tiny buttons.
So that's what I have done with this new version.

And finally I've had a chance to play with the gorgeous Notting Hill fabric! Plus a few other new bits that worked so well with them.
The centre and background fabric is lovely Essex Linen in Bleached White. There will be enough of this in the kit to make an envelope back for the cushion too.
I wanted to have this kit ready for the Scottish Quilt Show at Ingleston this weekend (please stop by and say hello if you are coming!), but you can also buy it from our website or Edinburgh store NOW. It costs £14.99 which, I hope you'll agree, is really good value. Plus you can use the embroidery pattern over and over again.
And on Sunday I taught a workshop on how to make one of the versions of this cushion, and I thought you might like to see some of the beautiful creations my clever students came up with.
 Birgit chose the natural linen and some FMF for the centre.
Wendy used one of our Heather Bailey 'fresh cut' charm packs, with a larger piece of 'painted mums' from the same line in the centre.
Vivienne had another or the charm packs I was selling a while back, this time Amy Butler 'Lark'.
Well done ladies and thanks for letting me share your work.
So if you'd like to have the 'virtual Jo's workshop' experience, then grab yourself a kit and just imagine me bossing you around as you make it!


  1. Oh, I love that cushion - the embroidery in the centre is fab and I love the tiny buttons!

  2. Beautiful cushions and love that you have made yours up as a kit. Hope they sell like hotcakes.

  3. Beautiful cushion, and fantastic idea with the kit - have fun at the show!!

  4. What fabulous cushions, made by your students! And I love the embroidered centre on yours! Lots of pretty things to look at!

  5. Lovely cushions! Do love the notting hill one especially

  6. Love the embroidered centre of your Dresden :o) I'd love to see you at the fair, but alas, I'm a bit broke right now, so not sure I should risk it!

  7. Love the pillows, especially the beautiful embroidered one.

  8. Oh wow! Your Dresden cushion case is beautiful! Love the take on embroidery for the center.

  9. Love the idea of the embroidery in the centres!

  10. Love your cushions. Might have to put one on my 'to do list' :-)