Friday, 15 February 2013

Family Life with Wool

Who's that handsome, wild looking, young man? It's my boy Felix! 
Felix arrived home last week after nearly a year away travelling the world and growing his hair.
It's so lovely to have him back safe and sound.
We weren't really expecting him back at the beginning of February and his arrival has coincided with a 3 week visit by my 89 year old father. Here's dad looking nowhere near 89! I hope I look this good at his age.
So, as you can imagine, my family life has rather taken over at the moment (which is, of course, totally ok and right). But it does mean I am not crafting at my usual hectic pace.
Instead I have been knitting like crazy to get that jumper finished for Felix before summer arrives! Look at all that knitting! I only have a tiny bit of a sleeve and the collar to do (as well as the making up of course).
But I had to put the knitting on hold earlier this week, as I got a turn on the panel. This is The Great Tapestry of Scotland project that I am involved in.
I have been working on the woman's hair. As she is a woman from 8500 BC I thought her hair would probably be quite tangled and matted (no products available then!). So I tackled this by couching 2 threads (of dark brown) at a time until the whole hair area was covered. I then couched a single strand of dark grey or chestnut brown over the top, and completed the look with large cross stitches and bullion knots.
This was a quick way of covering an area and I hope I can use it again on another subject, like the dog/wolf on the other side of the panel. You can read more about the Tapestry Project and see the whole panel here. Also they now have a facebook page which has about 200 photos of all the panels in progress - really worth a look!
It's all wool this week!
I know I should be making African Flowers to finish my blanket (one of my items in the QAL), but instead I am making them for a new project *blushes*.
I have chosen a limited palette (for me!) of 11 shades of gorgeous Rooster Almerino DK to work on something I hope to show you soon.
Meanwhile let's look at something amazing made by someone who actually finishes things!
This incredible crocheted lampshade was made by Amanda of Amanda Makes blog. She bought all the Rooster wool from our website along with some of our sale fabric (which she also used for a lampshade - see her blog).
I think this is one of the most beautiful lampshades I have ever seen and wanted to share it with you. Thanks for letting me Amanda!
One more thing - you still have a few hours left to enter my Notting Hill Giveaway!


  1. I so know this euphoric feeling when a child returns from a gap year safe and sound! He looks well (and so does Grandpa) - wishing you happy family times.

  2. Yay for multi-generational distractions xxx

  3. Yay for all the men coming home together, maybe they can entertain each other while you sew for a bit ;o)

  4. I remember when Felix left for his adventure
    Welcome home
    Lovely crochet projects

  5. know I'm jealous of your boy being home! have some good genes with your papa cause he's adorable!:)

    Love all your woolie projects...guess what? I just finished a wee little owl ala your pattern!;) LOVE IT!!

  6. That tapestry is going to be stunning when done--I like the texturing of the hair, very nice. Glad you are getting some family time!

  7. I love having family come home! We're expecting my mum this week and it's so exciting. The texture in the woman's hair is fantastic! I can't wait to see pictures of the tapestry when it it finished.