Friday, 14 December 2012

Floral Dresden Plate Cushion

A few months ago I had my first go at the Dresden Plate block when I made this cushion for a session in one of my evening class blocks. It proved really popular and so I decided to make it a full day workshop for 2013, with the idea that you could complete the whole cushion during the day.
There was quite a bit of embroidery involved in the original cushion, and there was no way anone was going to get that finished in a day, so instead this cushion has a heavily hand quilted centre.
I love a bit of heavy hand quilting! I used this method for this cushion that I made years ago, and it is still one of my favourites.
I got the stitching done in about an hour and a half, so doable for a full days workshop. The middle has wadding and a backing so it's just like a mini quilt! The stitching did ruche up the middle quite a bit, but I gave it a good steam press and it flattened out.
We had a big delivery of Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner fabrics in to the shop recently, and I have used all these glorious new designs on this cushion. We have been so busy with Christmas stuff that we haven't got them all listed on line yet! Though you can see most of the AMH Field Study here.
The mad Christmas retail period is also why you haven't had a post from me for over 2 weeks *blushing*.
They grey background and backing is Kaufman Essex Linen. And I used some vintage fabric covered buttons.
All my classes are finished for the year so I have a whole weekend off starting tomorrow! And guess what I will be working on? Yes, it's another Dresden Plate cushion! This one's for a special project and I've already embroidered a middle circle. Here's a sneak peek below. 
I love doing this simple red work.
My 2013 craft class prospectus is now live and ready for booking. You can view all the classes up till Easter here. I will fill you in on some of the other new class projects very soon.


  1. How lovely, the fabric choices are great! The red work look wonderful, looking forward to seeing the rest.

  2. Ooh that sneaky peak looks wonderful! Love the heavy quilting on the plate too.

  3. Gorgeous cushion and I love the sneaky peek!

  4. Just lovely Jo
    I've finished my dresden quilt now - you can see it on my blog

  5. The cushion looks fab, and love the sneak peek of the redwork

  6. Beautiful. The centre is awesome - tactile too I'm sure!

  7. Cold you clone yourself and start lasses down south too?

  8. Dresdan plates are fun aren't they. I've been working on a dresdan quilt lately. I love the way you've quilted the center of yours. Your red work looks amazing!