Thursday, 4 October 2012

A bit of crochet...

Yes it's crochet time again!
I've got so many sewing projects on the go at the moment (including 5 different quilts!) but none of them are finished enough to share. But I've always got a bit of 'downtime' crochet on the go. And I know some of my readers like crochet best of all.
Remember my Budget Granny Blanket? No, not a blanket for cheap old ladies as Katy suggested :)
But a blanket made with very economic yet 100% wool yarn (mainly Cygnet Superwash DK, which has been so successful I need to order more already!). Here's a progress shot and you can read more about this here.
Why oh why do these Granny 'round and round' blankets get all twisted like mine is in the middle above? Never mind, it seems to be lessening as it gets bigger and I am learning to love it's charming idiosyncrasies!
Many years ago now, when this blog was in it's infancy and I was relatively new to crochet, I completed a Wool-eater blanket for my friend Helen's special birthday. A few weeks back I started a new square in Sarah London's Wool-eater pattern (which is still free on her blog!). Partly to try out all these luscious new Sublime colours and partly because I needed something to keep me busy at the Scottish Quilt Championships where we had a stand 2 weeks back.
Speaking of which, here's a photo of our stand with Sarah behind the counter.
You might recognise a few of the quilts hanging at the back and cushions at the front - they all enjoyed their days out at the show and were much admired!
The show was lots of fun and we met some lovely people. In fact we liked it so much we are taking a stand at the next one in February. And the best bit is the location is only 15 mins drive from my house!
The Sublime I used here is a mixture of extra fine merino  and extra fine merino with cashmere and silk and it has such a luxurious 'bouncy' texture, with a lovely sheen.
I've got the wool-eater to the size of a cushion and thought it would be nice to finish it so that the scalloped edge stood up around the cushion edge. I nabbed one of the last pieces of this gorgeous David Walker cord we had in stock for a backing. But I am a bit dubious about proceeding as I have never put fabric and crochet together before (in fact it the whole idea seems a bit wrong!).
Every time I get lovely new wool shades in the shop I have to make a few African Flowers for this long running, never ending blanket...
I really must get on and finish this as if it gets much bigger it will be too heavy to hold up like that!
But I just love making these little hexie flowers, I really feel like I get 'colour therapy' from each one.
I think they are a great way too study colour too. The three below were all made with the same 5 colours, just in a different order. I find colour endlessly fascinating, stimulating and comforting, and I think the reason I sew, embroider or crochet is too play around with colour as much as the desire to 'make things'.

One more thing, I am about to take part in my first Bloghop! How exciting!
It is the Travellin' Pic Stitch Bloghop, organised by Katy and Laura to accompany their Thelma and Louise style road trip while visiting the Sewing Summit. Today's stop will be Pins and Bobbins, and I will be up on Monday, following on from the wonderful Sarah Fielke on Sunday, plus there will be tons of exciting giveaways at the end!
All the details are here, and don't miss Mondays' post when I will be showing off a new EPP pattern inspired by a local (to me) landmark!


  1. Your African Flowers are just the most beautiful colours. I tried it and may be tempted to make some more after seeing all the beautiful colours. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. I just love your African flowers, Jo. They are so beautiful. I did crochet for Hugs!a while, but it gave me tendinitis and had to quit. Plus, I only knew one stitch. I made potholders. LOL! Your African flowers are far more beautiful than any potholder I've seen.

    Keep up the crochet love and I dream through your work.

  3. What beautiful crochet - it didn't occur to me all those flowers could end up making a heavy blanket. I really Really want to learn to crochet. Either that or just steel your African flowers :-) Ok I'll be good and learn one day. Will pop back on Monday to see your travelling post - haven't even started mine!!!

  4. That's a very colorful crochet. The designs are exquisite and one of a kind. I think I'm gonna make one of my own. You inspired me.
    Ecommerce Australia

  5. Hey...your stand looked brilliant...very inviting!
    Love those African flowers....they look like little dessert dishes!;)

    Don't worry about putting the crochet on a pillow....why don't you make the pillow and then just do a blind stitch to put the crochet on the top...that way you can easily take it off too!:)

  6. love the African Flowers the colours are fantastic, I started a blanket made from them a month or so back but so far i've only made one flower - may take a while.

  7. All totally stunning - I also like the twisty wonk too xxx

  8. Hi Jo
    Your crochet projects are just beautiful. The African Flowers rug, blanket - never sure what to call them - is really lovely. I know they do get quite heavy. Mines only half the size of yours so far, but it is heavy already. Love your colours!

  9. I'm one of those readers who loves the crochet most of all so it was so great to see this post. Terrific colorwork!

  10. Well little old ladies are a bit twisted you know, that's obviously what's doing for your granny ;o) I totally forgot the show, I think I've been a bit preoccupied, but I hope to see you in February :o)

  11. African flowers are my favourite and that blanket is stunning!

  12. WOW I'm in love with the wool eater
    Because I REALLY need another project LOL
    So glad to hear I'm not the only one with several projects half done

  13. Love your little hexie flowers, they are so cute..and I bet that blanket will be very warm indeed.

  14. I'm doing the African flowers too. But I haven't done any for a while. You've made me want to get my crocheting out again.

  15. I love all you crochet. The Wool Eater Blanket is so pretty, isn't it? I craft because I am driven by colour too!

  16. My granny squares are wonky too and it drives me crazy! I wonder if it's because I always change colour in the same corner.

    1. I think you are a bit of a genius Viv! That could totally be it, as I always start in the same corner too! I bet if we started in a different corner each time it wouldn't do that wonk!! THANK YOU!!!