Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Beauty is You is Here!

Now I promised that my last post, which promoted new fabric on our website, wouldn't be a regular occurrence. But then this very special fabric line arrived and I just had to share it with you!

As soon as I saw 'Beauty is You' by Cori Dantini a few months back I just totally fell in love!
For weeks now I have been seeing it advertised on USA websites and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive on these shores.
And now it's here it is even better in the flesh than in the photos! 
I love the delicate, sketchy, coloured pencil style. It seems very different and original to me and I can't wait to use it in something. 
The colours are subtle yet rich, I have such a thing about orange with pink at the moment and I think I liked this scalloped one below the best. Or maybe I like the orange flower above the best! I love them all! And I really hope you do too. I would be very interested to know what you all think and whether you share my enthusiasm.
Another new line that arrived today is the very funky 'Crabtastic' by Maude Asbury. Both of these lines are by Blend Fabrics.
All these fabrics are available on our website now and the special 'Blog Reader' discount code I gave you on Saturday is still valid and can be used on all of these new fabrics. Just put craftyfox into the discount code box and update your cart!
I promise normal service will be resumed in my next post!


  1. Do *not* sell out of Beauty is You before Sunday! So looking forward to seeing it in person!

  2. Yeah, what she said!! My fave is the music notes, I think. Or maybe the pink flowers....

  3. I've come back for another look and spotted the Crabtastic text print. Wa-hoo!!

  4. I have never heard of Cori, so glad you shared, beautiful prints!

  5. Oh those musical notes are beautiful x

  6. I LOVE Beauty is you, I've started hoarding already lol

  7. Ooooh...so jealous...of the fabric and the get together! Lynz....hug Jo for me....Jo...hug Lynz for me!:) xoxoxoxo to you both!:)

  8. Oh, I love them, especially the musical notes. It's a shame I'm on a fabric diet. I hope you'll still have some after the summer :-)

  9. Love the fabrics, they remind me of zentangles, with a colour wash! The bloggers playdates looks great fun!