Tuesday, 29 May 2012

FQ London Sample Swap - Embroidered Portraits

I've finally finished my pieces for the FQ London Sample Swap. Basically you make 4 pieces of something and swap them in groups of 5 so that everyone comes away with 4 different things.

I was very keen to consolidate my recent woodland embroidery theme, so I thought some mini embroideries featuring my cast of characters would be a lovely gift (I hope the rest of my group agree!) and would be a bit different too.
And this gives me an excuse to introduce my newest Woodland friend, Hester the Hare. Hester looks like a very wise and handsome hare, with a calm, serene air about her.
Here's Oggle the Owl, he only had a supporting role in my last embroidery, so it's good to put him in the spotlight here. He has calmed down a bit too, all that standing very still while I stitched his portrait has made him have a thousand yard stare!

Boris was my first Woodland friend. There is something a bit Japanese about him (to me anyway!) so I always stitch cherry blossom (sort of) around him.

Rufus the fox is in contemplative mood, he is quite deep for a fox (or is he just crafty?).

I hadn't really meant to do this but it seems that each of the vignettes has a seasonal theme. So Rufus is Spring, Boris Summer, Oggle Autumn and Hester Winter. Thanks for pointing that out to me Sarah!
I have attached complimentary ribbon for hanging them on. The hoops are 4 inches across.

I stitched these predominantly with perle cotton 8. I really prefer using these to floss/silks, I find them easier as they are not stranded and they have a lovely sheen. I still need the odd bit of stranded floss for thinner lines like whiskers. Look out for packs of the perle cotton colours I like to use coming to our website soon!

I know I always say this when I talk about embroidery, but I absolutely LOVED making these! Right from the initial drawing to the final stitch, they are a total joy.
And now that I have got the craft department started up on our website, I will be turning my attention to producing patterns for my embroideries and selling them there. If you think you might be interested in these you can sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about them when they are released!

And there is still time to enter my Massive Giveaway!

I have had to change the closing date as I had forgotten about leaving for FQ London first thing Friday morning (duh!), so the giveaway now closes tomorrow night (Wednesday) at midnight. Just head over here to enter.
And back to FQ London. I had shown you the beautiful name tag Emily sent me here, but I hadn't got round to posting about the one I made for Trash. Yes, I know, I felt a bit bad stitching 'Trash' on this! But the lady herself insists this is what everyone calls her! Do you remember the pieces I made with left over scraps from my Solid Science quilt? Well I used another one up for this (1 left!). It was a secret swap but she has received it now. And in a couple of days time I will be seeing it again around Trash's neck!!


  1. Love the hoops. Oggle is my favourite. See you in a few days!

  2. Oh, your hoops are incredible! There will be some delighted swap partners and excited squeals when these are received!

  3. Those embroideries are so cute!

  4. These are really nice, the recipients will be really pleased and happy with them. I enjoy doing embroidery, it's a lovely thing to do and can be as complex or as simple as you like while giving lovely results. I like your designs as they original and fresh.

  5. Wow Wow Wow! I want one! But I'm not in the sample swap, boooo!

  6. Delightful embroideries, lucky people to be getting them. I love the way they sit in the hoops. How big are they?
    Have a wonderful time in London, can't wait to hear and see all about it.

  7. I love the hoops!!! Have a great time at the retreat!

  8. Working out who I have to bribe to get a hold of Boris... ;o)

  9. Oh I hope that beautiful, wonderful, amazing Trash is looking in - loving your hoops!!

  10. estan hermosos esos bordados

  11. i really don't know how you will part with these!:)

  12. These are absolutely adorable and quite fine.....

  13. Adoro tu trabajo , voy a agregar tu boton a mi blog .Vero