Tuesday, 27 March 2012

All hooped up now!

I'm all finished with the 'Hoop-up! Stitch and Send Swap' on Flickr.
Well, I have finished my embroideries anyway. And this one here was a bit of a departure for me.
Dolores's theme was Modern Classic Furniture, and her mosaic was full of minimalist sofas and chairs. Well I think you've all seen enough of my work by now to know that minimalist really isn't my thing - I am very much a 'more is more' sort of person!
So I wasn't really feeling very inspired, but I looked at the recommended furniture websites anyway, and I found a sofa I quite liked, and I had an idea for a cushion, and then a lampshade, and, well, in the end it all turned out rather fabby!
And now I totally love it! I even stuffed the little pillow for added realism!
Oh Lola - you are always getting in the way!!
I needle-turn appliqued the sofa and the lamp first then outlined and filled in all the sofa details with perle cotton 8's.
Then I added the little pillow with my take on an Orla Kiely type pattern (I just had to add some pattern!!). I really hope this is what you had in mind Dee (she hasn't seem it yet!)?
Now this is more my kind of thing. Leila asked for houses and I straight away new what I wanted to do. Nearly 20 years ago my husband, Jonathan, painted a serious of 'dream houses' (right out of his imagination, which totally amazes me still!). I dug them out and emailed them to Leila and she liked this one the best.
I would love to show you the original painting but Jonathan is paranoid about being copied, so you will have to take my word that this is a very faithful reproduction (except with threads!).
This was lovely to work on, I really like adding lots of detail and texture to embroideries, I also like working with a very small canvas. I used variegated threads and chain stitch to do the 'lawn'. I wanted to add in a different stitch as I felt I was getting too dependant on back stitch and running stitch (too much hand quilting!).
I have already received the most adorable and amazing 'woodland with cute yet slightly sinister animal' themed embroidery from Dolores, but I will wait till Leila's gets here before I share my booty with you.


  1. Absolutely spectacular!! I am in awe!

  2. After waiting 10 minutes for your blog to come up (darned dialup) I was rewarded with your story...sorry you weren't inspired right away but you have me all wrong...I love the Classic Modern Furniture lines, the cleaness of it all....but I LOVE patterns!:)Not much minimalism in my sewing!:)
    Your embroidery is more perfect then I could have hoped for and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!:)

  3. I adore the sofa!!
    Hmmm where could you build that dream house? It's beautiful x

  4. Wow, another talent! I love the sofa and the lamp. I'm sure our neighbours had that lamp in the 60s!!!

  5. Totally totally gorgeous - love the MCM sofa, just the kind of thing I would love hanging up in my house. And the embroidery of the house is so detailed, it must have taken forever! You are very talented. Itching to get the embroidery threads out now. x

  6. I love both of them, but I think the sofa's my favourite - I was half expecting to see a bird perched at the end too lol

  7. love the sofa! looks like mine!

  8. You are beginning to drive me a bit nuts with all these beautiful creations. I utterly love the sofa. Would like this one to put on my wall, and another (slightly bigger!) one to sit on! Really lovely work.

  9. Now I am home again I had to check on your blog and I must say I was totally in awe of the two wonderful embrodiery pictures. They are both so wonderful. You just continue to be more and more creative - long may it florish x

  10. Love both of these hoops. You got the mood just right in the sofa one, the lampshade is perfect.

  11. I love your sofa applique! What a great idea.

    I live in Fife, hopefully I'll get the chance to visit your shop one day, it looks fabulous :)

  12. I like them both - well done you!