Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Your advice taken and quilt top vastly improved!

You lot are so amazing! You always offer generous and spot-on advice whenever I ask. Thank you!
I asked you about this quilt top a few months back in this post. I was using it to develop a workshop on the Quilt As You Go technique, but something wasn't working and I was in a quandary. You pretty much unanimously agreed that the grey sashing wasn't working, and also gave me lots of pointers about the workshop idea.
I unpicked all the Moda Bella Grey and replaced with a thinner sashing of Kona Charcoal. A border of Kona Artichoke and a binding of Kona Pomegranite finished it off nicely and I am very pleased with the result.

I have decided to just get on with teaching the technique at the workshop and not worry about finishing a specific project. I can suggest lots of ideas for using up practice blocks made on the day, or students can carry on at home and make a whole quilt.
I love the woven-like effect you get with these scrappy strings, and I'm still loving the colour palette of green, pink, aubergine, orange. This little quilt is coming to work with me tomorrow to hang in my classroom!
So thanks, pals, you have saved this little quilt from being lost forever at the bottom of a pile of UFO's!


  1. The charcoal so makes the other fabrics pop! Looks gorgeous.

  2. The charcoal really makes a difference! Beautiful!
    Quilting by the River

  3. The different sashing makes such a difference - I'm noticing the strings much more than before, perhaps because they're showcased by the charcoal rather than, somehow, being damped down by them. I think this workshop is going to be popular!

  4. it really pops now, great job.

  5. Its has zing appeal! Great work

  6. Isn't it amazing how a change of sashing can totally transform a quilt. This is a beautiful 'stained glass' quilt. Love the borders too. Jxo

  7. Gorgeous quilt! The pinks and greens are zingy.

  8. Beautiful!

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