Sunday, 19 February 2012

Scrappy Colour Squares

Remember I showed you the centre of Jo's quilt for our Around the Bend and Across the Pond Round Robin a few weeks back? Well I've finished the first round.
After all the time I spent with solids working on my FLQS top, I just didn't want to stop, and as Jo had asked for 'bright colours mixed with white' I thought I could get away with a few more solids here.
So I got out my scrap bag and made these little 'double scrap' 2" squares, then bordered each with a bright solid. After adding an aqua border to the original centre, I sashed all the little blocks in white, and somehow it all worked out and fitted together! Usually my maths or my seam allowances are all off, so I was very pleasantly surprised that this all worked.
Now to send it off to Pam and wait and see what she will do next. Meanwhile I have received Dee's but have another Month before I need to get that finished and sent on (phew!).
I love using up scraps and often start straight away with left over bits and pieces after finishing a project. As I had made my curved blocks for the FLQS top a bit bigger so I could trim to size, I had lots of strips left. I sorted these into 3 lengths and sewed them together. I thought I could make at least one of them into a little extra for my partner.
I was thinking needlebook, but have already had a suggestion of a mug rug (I hardly dare admit that I have never actually made a mug rug - I guess there is a first time for everything!).
Any more ideas from my dear readers?
And as we are covering colourful squares today, I thought you might like to see the progress I am making on my Psychedelic Granny Circles.
That's 20 done with 80 more to go before the end of April!


  1. Oh I vote needle book!
    Loving your crochet xx

  2. What a gorgeous quilt. Aren't scraps beautiful, little things?! Stunning crochet too. Fabric and wool... my two favourite things!

  3. Needle book, I think. Scraps are so useful and make the most beautiful projects.

  4. I never throw anything away (much to G's horror) and have different scrap boxs for different size pieces. Waste not want not! Think your strips would make a lovely needle case or maybe if you found a few more you could make them into a cushion?
    Hope it's drier in Edinburgh than it is here on the west coast today.

  5. I LOVE what you have done with the quilt! And those scraps are just beautiful. I vote a pincushion or needlebook :)

  6. Fun addition to the centre block, and love your scrappy strips. I'd say needle book or mug rug :o)

  7. Your scrappy blocks look beautiful added to the centre. You have been busy. Juliex

  8. Those are all such fabulous colours! The quilt block looks brilliant, and I'd never thought of sewing such tiny scraps together. Very inspirational!

    I like mug rugs, although I always worry about spilling tea on something so pretty :)

  9. Fabulous colours! I love the little blocks you added to the centre - they carry on the scrappiness but bring cohesion, a perfect addition!

  10. Lots of bright colour in your life!