Friday, 6 January 2012

I think I'm going to need more socks!

I was a very lucky girl and got 3 awesome craft books for Christmas. I love getting a new book full of projects that I just can't wait to try! I hope to share projects from all of the books with you over the next few weeks, but first up, I'm going to play with my socks for a while...
I totally missed the whole sock doll craze, but when I saw this book I just loved the idea of using 'stray socks' (even though most of the projects in the book ask for a pair!). I always have odd socks in my drawer and they are usually my favourite ones. Where do all those socks go?!
The book is written by a man called Daniel Lin, who is obviously totally barking (in a good way!). The book is full of eccentrically captioned photos of sock dolls and is very Japanese in style. My first attempt was this long-eared mini doll.
However my socks must be a bit longer than Daniels as my doll's ears are a bit too long!
Still at least he can tie them up in a knot if they get in the way! I added the buttons and hair for a bit of extra personality. Though something about him reminds me of Mr Blobby! Still he was my first attempt.
My next stab turned out to be much more successful. In fact, I have to say that I am totally in love with this little sock kitty!
Isn't she lovely? And made from just one stray sock! I have been carrying her around with me like a little comforter. Especially during the dreadful storms we had this week, 100 miles an hour gales! We lost half our greenhouse and had no power for a day and a half. So Sock Kitty cuddled up to me on the sofa as I strained my eyes reading Nicholas Nickleby by candlelight (Dickens felt very appropriate in the circumstances!).
Just one my photo of her as she's so gorgeous!
After all the bad weather here I am doing a very sensible (and yet very unusual for me) thing and jetting off to the sun tomorrow for a weeks holiday! I hardly ever take a holiday so this will be a real treat. I am going to Tenerife with my sister, Jane, and my dad to stay in Jane's apartment and soak up the rays. It is a very pleasant 22 degrees there at the moment (as opposed to 2 degrees here!) and I can't wait!
So it may be a couple of weeks before you hear from me again but don't worry about me as I will be just fine!


  1. LOVE that kitty kat! I bought this book for a friend about 18 months ago and always meant to go and get a copy for myself! Funnily enough, Holly and I were talking sock monsters yesterday......ooh, Waterstones here I come!

    Have a great week away. *envy envy* Very sensible indeed!

  2. Very clever use of stray socks!

  3. They're so cute!! We have far too many odd socks - this book looks like just what I need :)

    I think the cat is my favourite too. Such a clever idea and so effective!

  4. Oh my goodness, These sock pets are soooo cute!! I will have to look up this book, and make some for my 11 yr old daughter. SHe would go crazy for these. Hugs

  5. Love the kitty! I've pleanty of odd socks for when you run out!

    Enjoy your holiday!

  6. I love the sock kitty! There are always plenty of odd socks in my house!!
    Have a great holiday - 22 degrees sounds fabulous!

  7. Oh I just love these guys, I might actually need that book too! Know what you mean about the winds though, I half expected to open the curtains on Wednesday morning and find myself in Kansas!

  8. Oh the kitty sock is adorable.
    Enjoy your holiday and the sun.....not jealous.

  9. Oh, so cute! I like the kitty, but have to say I am rather fond of the first attempt too. Looks like fun. Have a great holiday!

  10. I think you deserve the holiday after the crappiness you've had!
    Great sockiness xxx

  11. Oh, I love the kitty!! And the long eared Mr Blobby! Have a great holiday!

  12. Sock kitty is just divine! and I saw long arms not ears on the mini blobby.......and he was clapping his mitts, high above his head lol

    I once took the kids down to Hayling Island on the south coast. It has a stoney 'beach' so wasnt very thrilling, no need to rush there..........but blow me if there weren't 2 odd socks floating in on the tide........I reckon our odd socks must end up down there lol sluiced thru washing machine tubes maybe? lol

  13. For me - the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover" - seemed to apply to this book because I bought it specifically because of the picture of the sock dude with his hands in his pockets - and it seems he's the only one that is not contained in this particular book. For that reason the book was promptly returned. If I am wrong, and I missed him, please let me know!

    Hope you had fun in the sun!

  14. PS - I attended a craft fair in 2010 where a woman was selling these as "Sock Dudes" for £10.00 each. They sold very well.

  15. Hi, I'm your newest follower!! I love the sock kitties. So darn cute, hey isn't darning what they use to do to old socks, lol. I like your idea so much better, lol. I have seen that book advertised and it is on my list of books I want in the future. I love you blog and will come back again to have a better look. Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy New Year!
    Susanne :)

  16. Oh, so cute! I love it all, and following ;)))

  17. Such cute sock creatures. I'm afraid any odd socks hanging around here have no heels in them! I hope you're having a lovely time.
    Teresa x

  18. You must be running out of socks already hehe. They are adorable. I should send this blog to my little sister who’s interested in stuffed toys and Sapphire Rings .