Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blogger is being very mean too me!

I first published this post last Thursday *a few weeks ago!* but something must have gone wrong with Blogger as it appears it has not been showing up in the dashboard/reader. I thought you had all gone very quiet, and was even more alarmed after I published another post yesterday and, again, heard a deafening silence. After a bit of investigation and fiddling around I managed to get Sunday's post to appear and was rewarded almost immediately by your lovely comments (yay!). But Thursday's post just wouldn't appear, and despite Benta at Silk Stitches finding and commenting on it (well done Benta) I thought that I would just re-post today so the rest of you got a chance to read about this really fantastic and worthwhile project.
* since then tried re-posting about 5 times and still wouldn't show up! So I gave up for a week - this is my last try!*
I signed up for the Do. Good Stiches Charity Bee a few months back and last month the group I was assigned to (Cherish) started work on our inaugral quilt. This wonderful Flickr group was started by Rachel of Stitched in Colour blog.
The idea is pretty simple, it works like any other blog but all the quilts go to charity!
Kay is our group's host and she chose a simple block to get us started. The groups are divided up between stichers and Quilters. If you are a Quilter you design and plan the quilt and put together the block and quilt. Stitchers make 2 blocks each a month.
I am a Stitcher but I have volunteered to be a Quilter for one month next year as I have a particular local charity in mind for a quilt.

The finished quilt, beautifully quilted by Kay, has been given to a lady with advanced breast cancer. I love the calming pink and grey palette that Kay chose.

 And now our Quilter for September, Kirsty, has chosen a quilt full of animal blocks.

Here is my owl. Next up is a whale!
Go check out the Flickr group, there is even a Flickr group of the finished quilts which is really inspiring! And maybe you might be inspired to join in?

And if some of you have a sense of deja-vu now, my apologies.


  1. That happened to me so many times on blogspot, eventually the feed stopped completely, so i had to move to typepad, very annoying!!!!
    Hope yours goes right for you soon :)
    Love your owl, owl crafts are just so cute
    Karen x

  2. I wondered what had happened to your blog. I kept checking, I knew you were really busy with all your classes, but no new blogs at all. Sorry to hear you are having such problems - you really do not need blogging problems as well. Hope it gets sorted soon xxxx

  3. This seems to be a blogspot problem. I've noticed a few of my posts don't show straight away, but can take a few hours. Very annoying and I haven't been able to work out why.

  4. When i had problems with my blog the only people eho could see the posts were those viewing from mobile phones. I visit using an iPad or a samsung tablet, maybe thats why i could see it! I signed up for the be good blocks, but never heard anything, so im not sure im in!

  5. I had a similar problem last week too! No views or comments for 24 hours, so I deleted it and reposted it with a couple of changes and it worked! So be reassured its not just you! The owl block is very cute!