Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I am a fabric magnet!

After a long weekend off, I returned to work yesterday to find 3 packets waiting for me. 
2 of these I was expecting, but an airmail packet was a bit of a mystery. 
When I opened it and found this cute little mini quilt, my first thought was that someone had sent me their Doll Quilt by mistake!
But then I found the card and realised it was from Dolores (Deeroo blog), who is one of the sweetest, kindest people in the world. She had made this little quilt, with it's haberdashery themed fabrics, to hang in my new craft class studio. She said she would feel like she was there in spirit then. How lovely is that?
And not only that, but a big pile of Kaffe fabrics (along with a few others)!! Just because she is so nice and generous! Thank you SO much Dolores!!! I was so touched by your thoughtful gift.

Here it is hanging in the studio, the owls are keeping an eye on it (well one of them is)!

And after all that excitement I still had 2 more packages to open! The next one was from Leila 'Where the orchids grow'. I was reading Leila's lovely blog last week, and she was showing off the gorgeous new quilt she is making from Anna Maria Horner fabrics (her hand quilting on this is just incredible). I had been salivating over the amazing fabrics she was working with, when I saw that she was selling leftover scrap packs in her Etsy shop! I went straight over and ordered some. Here's the booty - tons of it! And some little sweeties too - thanks Leila!
This next package I was expecting too. I have been trying not to buy too much fabric recently (*cough*), but I recently came across a new (to me) online shop called My Fabric House, and they had such unusual fabrics that before I knew it I was clicking on buttons and adding to my basket in an uncontrollable fashion (how does this happen?!). I particularly love that Santa one, and it is so hard to find decent Christmas fabrics. Apart from the Kokka stamps linen, I hadn't seen any of the others before. But then, as you all know, I am pretty useless at recognising fabric lines.
But that is all about to change! Because the next fabric to arrive, unexpectedly yesterday morning, was even more exciting!
You all know by now that I have started offering craft classes in my shop, and alongside these I have started stocking some wool and haberdashery supplies (crochet hooks, felt, thimbles, pins, perle cotton and even a whole display of Gutermann's cotton thread!). But of course there is a vital ingredient missing... Yep, you guessed it - FABRIC!! 
I have wanted to stock fabric for ages, and I did tip my toe in the water with Greengate fabric. But you can't really use that for quilts, so I thought it was time I investigated the craft fabric market and got in touch with the Moda wholesaler. Before I could really think about this too hard the agent had turned up in the shop, taken an order for new Moda lines that are coming out over the next few months and sold me some pre-cuts that he already had!!
And here they are, 'Countdown to Christmas' layer cakes and 'Cabbages and Roses' and 'Hometown' FQ bundles. And coming in from October I have a selection of bolts from American Jane's Fairytale Friends, Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934, Little Green Apples, Cape Ann, Felicity and Domestic Bliss!
I totally expect you lot to know what all these are!! I am really going to have to keep up now and do my homework, so expect a lot more fabric knowledge from me in the near future (as long as it's Moda lol). And can you imagine how much fun I had picking these? And how awesome it is going to be when they actually arrive?!!!
It is a bit nerve wracking, with things the way they are, to be investing in something I have not really sold before. But I have wanted to do it for so long and it seems to make so much sense when I will be teaching patchwork, that I am just going for it. 
And the plan is to eventually sell on-line too, so maybe soon I will have something I can offer all my readers, far and wide!


  1. Oh, what a lovely post day! I love the way one of the owls is studiously ignoring the new arrival! (Which is lovely, by the way!) I love that Santa fabric - you temptress, you! Good luck with your fabric selling - I'm sure it'll be a huge success! (I had no idea what they were apart from countdown to Christmas - the clue was on the label! I think I may also have seen the cabbage one on Lynne's blog but I'm not known for recognising fabric lines!)
    Off to investigate the Santa fabric - I blame you!

  2. I love a good mail day!!
    Glad you like your fabrics Jo, looking forward to see where they'll pop up :-)

  3. Wow this is a good mail day and half ;-)

    I think selling fabric is definitely the way to go. A craft place opened up in the High Street where I work earlier in the year. It was doing classes and yet on closer inspection of what they were selling they were trying to cover too many crafts with not enough of any one particular craft to really satisfy. Eg. You could buy machine quilting needles but not quilting thread. They didn't sell zips and only had a couple of offcuts of fabric. They didn't last long. I think a really good range of stuff to compliment the classes you're running has to be the way to go. People will learn new skills and can buy what they need to continue.

  4. What a really thoughtful mini quilt! I'm sure you'll treasure it for a long time. Stocking fabric is a great idea when you're teaching classes. I often feel I could do with a supply for my classes, because choosing pattern/colour is an important part of learning and it's often the part folks are least confident with. Having fabrics on hand will be a great help with that. Jxo

  5. Wow-wee lady - I'm coming for a sleepover at the studio!!!

  6. Good for you Jo - you could have an Edinburgh monopoly, hope so!
    Looks like you and I have been on the receiving end of random acts of kindness this week.

  7. Congratulations on taking the fabric-stocking plunge! It's so exciting that you're making your dreams come true! :D

  8. Lovely goodies!! Careful on the fabric stocking/selling front... You could end up as a fully fledged LQS! Though, you could try stocking Makower as well (they have some really nice collections/lines).

  9. WhoooHOoooooo....and HOOT!:) I think the owls watching the wee quiltie is perfect!:) Glad you like it pal!:)

    So freaking excited about your fabric venture...that is a great idea since you are doing the classes one could just come early and purchase from your stash or add a few lovelies to what they brought...great idea.

    I LOVE Hometown. We have it at the shop and I bought some of the canvas to make my nieces and Maria bags from xmas and some zippy bags for toiletries etc, for the rest of the family. I just can't get over how many town/city names are on the fabric from around here!

  10. ohlalala postman parcels are always good xxx
    LOVE the mini quilt how kind
    I too have been on a fabric diet this year - but - when finishing projects you need to buy bigger pieces to complete ;'(

  11. Who's very very lucky then - good luck with everything - remember to tell us all how the classes are going

  12. Wht a lovely postie you have!!! I'm rubbish at recognising fabric lines too, I tend to just go with what I like, but the idea of the pre cuts is great for your new learners. Off now to click the link, not that I need any new fabric!

  13. Your dream of owning your fabric shop is coming closer and closer! I remember how well you did selling quilting and other supplies when you were in the Borders. The fabrics are wonderful. I am sure that there will be a market for it. As you know, there is no one selling beautiful fabrics like these nearby. I am so happy for you x Jane x

  14. Where there is fabric the quilters will come. Keep faith.

  15. How exciting Jo! I'm sure you will not regret selling fabric and it totally makes sense to stock it along with the wool and other sewing lines. Love the owl presiding over things in your studio.

  16. Wow Jo! That must have been your most exciting delivery ever! The way the fabric is delivered looks great. A nice neat pile with the ribbon around it. Enjoy, enjoy. xx