Friday, 8 July 2011

I just received the mini quilt of my dreams!

Wow! Just look at this totally stunning little quilt made for me by Fiona (fionapoppy) in the Brit Quilt Swap!
As soon as I saw the initial ideas for this quilt I knew it was perfect for me. All the way through the swap, as it kept getting more and more beautiful, I kept hoping it was being made especially for me. But I have thought this before only to be disappointed, so I didn't dare take it for granted.
And it was for me!! It is totally perfect. Fiona got me to a tee! In the likes section of the sign-up form I put a long list of my favourite colours and Fiona managed to get them all in! I also said I liked 'whimsical and magical' and I would certainly describe 'Whirlpool' as that!
I also want to let Fiona know how much I appreciate the fact that she cut into (for the first time) the most precious fabrics in her stash. Fabrics she has been hoarding for a long time, waiting for the right opportunity to use. I absolutely love all the fabrics you used and am so grateful that you used them on a quilt just for me!
She took one of my favourite quilt blocks (spider's web) and turned it in to this truly enchanting 'whirlpool' design with gorgeous Heather Ross mermaids swimming round and round! And look at all those yummy polka dots! And she hand quilted it so beautifully in a rainbow of perle 8 cottons!
Here is my special label. Fiona embroidered my new blog button and workshop's logo on to the label!
And if all that wasn't swoon-worthy enough, she also embroidered my logo again onto this sweet little hoop! This is going to take pride of place in my new studio. And there were Lindor chocolates (alas, all eaten before I could photograph them - snort snort!).
I can honestly say I was a bit teary after I opened up my package. I have heard other swappers say this before but never really understood the feeling until now. Every time I look at the quilt it just makes my heart skip a beat and fills me with joy. Thank you so much for making such a special, personal quilt for me Fiona.
Fiona has the most adorable blog called Poppy Makes - lots of gorgeous sewing plus three really cute kids!
And if that wasn't excitement enough, I also took delivery of this big batch of gorgeous Rooster Almerino DK wool! I decided to start stocking it in the shop as a sideline to the crochet classes I am doing soon. That way students can come along to the class and buy wool from the shop at the same time.
This is my absolute favourite wool, it handles beautifully, is really soft but with a proper matt 'wool' finish, and comes in the most mouth-watering colours. I used Rooster wool exclusively for my Wool-eater Blanket and the Roses and Daises cushion, and always have a fair bit mixed in with my other multi-coloured projects.
Can you guess how much fun I had putting that display together?!


  1. What an incredibly beautiful quilt! No wonder you were so thrilled and overwhelmed... I would have been as well! And how very special that Fiona embroidered your new logo on the label AND on the fabric on the embroidery hoop... so very kind and thoughtful!

  2. The quilt is gorgeous!
    How lucky are you!
    Fiona did a wonderful job with the pattern, fabric choices and the hand quilting is beautiful!
    Adding your new logo was lovely too!

  3. lucky girl. What a beautiful quilt and a lovely gift.

  4. Awwww Jo what a lovely blog post :) I am sooo glad you like it, and I really did enjoy making it for you. The pictures you've taken make it look really nice. Thanks for being a great swap partner!

  5. I LOVE that quilt. It was one of my very favourite through the whole swap and so pleased for you. It has gone to a good home. Enjoy!

  6. I think this was my favourite in the whole swap (no-one else is reading this right?!); beautiful.

  7. This quilt is a real stunner. I had my eye on it too, but delighted that you got it Jo! Enjoy! Jxo

  8. Great feeling isn't it? Every time I look at mine on the wall I start to grin. I wonder who first thought of swapping - inspired.

  9. I have GOT to get myself involved in a mini quilt swap! Will someone please pop over to my blog and wake me up next time there is one going?! ;-)

  10. I saw this quilt online in the making and thought how lucky someone was going to be, and it's you! Congratulations!

  11. My, what a lovely gift!

    As a knitter first, I also very much admired your yarn selection!

  12. Whoa hit the motherlode!;) I mean that's one gorgeous quilt even if you didn't know what fabrics she used! I had already faved it on flickr and I'm so glad you are the lucky recipient!:)

    Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished workshop with that embroidery hanging proudly on the wall!:)

  13. How gorgeous is that!!!!! Lucky you.

  14. What a beautiful surprise! How lucky you are.

    And your wedding blanket is very pretty. Your creations are always lovely.