Tuesday, 7 June 2011

An owl commission

 It's about time we had some crochet here!
I have been neglecting my crochet readers lately, even though I have actually been working on a new crochet blanket for the last few weeks (more on this soon). I have also been neglecting my owls and really need to top up the rather sad stock of 3 in the shop. But I have too many other projects on the go right now!

But this owl is a special owl. For one thing he is a bit of a giant!
 Here he is next to one of his 3 tiny cousins. And he is also a special commission for a little girl in Kansas called Parker. Parker's granny is Jackie from my Tag Square Bee. Last year Jackie bought 2 of my little owls and off they flew all the way to Kansas. Jackie's granddaughter loves the little owls so much that Jackie asked if I would make a 6" high version for her birthday in a few weeks. Well how could I resist such a challenge?!
He actually came out at about 6 and a half inches tall, but he really does look huge next to this mini one! He is already winging his way across the Atlantic as we speak. I just hope he can find his way ok!


  1. I crocheted some owls for Helen's party gifts this year but they didn't look as good as yours. I did it without a pattern and made it up as I went along. Also did a Hello Kitty, penguins, koalas, a frog and a ladybird. Mine were more like round pillows and certainly wouldn't be able to stand up and be counted! That little girl in Kansas will be thrilled.

  2. Oh these are so cute - I crochet too but have never tried a cute wee birdie. Jxo

  3. Your owls are super dooper cute xxx