Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Wedding giveaway results!

But first let's look at this cute baby bunny! Our field and garden are full of these tiny, furry things at the moment, and Jonathan managed to capture this sweetie perfectly!

And now on to the important stuff...
And the winner is number 2!!
Congratulations Jo! The Royal Weding loot will be on it's way to you tomorrow. I will email you separately for your address.
Thank you all so much for entering and helping me to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Wasn't it wonderful? I really enjoyed the whole thing and I hope you did too.

I have nothing crafty to show you, but I do have some lovely photos of my cats, who have just started to venture outside (under supervision).
Here is Lola, stalking something by the looks of it. When I had Lynz over a few weeks back she was VERY taken with little Lola and has even asked for the name of her breeder. Lynz couldn't get a very good photo of Lola for her blog (you have to be very patient, like Jonathan), so I thought I would post a few here.
 Here is Lola with Simon. They are both chocolate tabby seal point Siamese. Or possibly Simon is and Lola doesn't have the chocolate bit. We have forgotton! Even though they aren't very old, Simon is around 3 and Lola 2.
Simon is at the back in this photo. He is the original 'scaredy cat' and is still a bit nervous outside, hence this 'keeping myself as low to the ground as possible' pose. Lola is braver, she likes to eat bees (and then sick them back up in the house) and bring pine cones home for us as if they are an offering of mice. She has never seen a mouse and I guess a pine cone is the next best thing!
Well I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to my cats. Thank you Jonathan for letting me use your photos!
Normal craft service will resume later in the week!


  1. Congratulations to Jo!
    Love your kitties, beautiful breed.


  2. I'm thinking of moving in next door so I can see bunnies hopping about.
    Your cats are fabulous!

  3. *sigh* 'twasn't me - BUT CONGRATULATIONS to Jo ::))
    I LOVE your cats .. .. ..

  4. Congratulations to Jo! Thanks for the cute bunny photo which my girls will love when they arrive home from school today. Love the photos of your cats and their introduction. The first photo of Lola is beautiful and she looks like a tiger in the wild, she's very lean and muscular.

  5. What a cute bunny! good job its not in my garden, my little girl would have scared the life out of it chasing after it demanding cuddles!

  6. Congrats Jo!
    Love the bunny pic - we used to have bunnies that would sit in the dips in the lawn where the sprinklers are in the evenings.

    Beautiful cats! I don't believe I've ever seen a tabby Siamese. Give them both a pet from me!!

  7. Your cats are beautiful, so graceful and elegant, I bet they turn heads! I missed your giveaway as I only just found your blog, but congrats to the lucky winner :)

  8. Hey that's me, can't believe it, had to go back and check twice. Yeah!!!! thanks so much Jo, not sure which email you have, but if I don't reply, you can always get me on flickr. Thanks again. By the way my daughter-in-law would love your cats, I'm not really a cat person, but I just know she would want to kid/catnap them.

  9. Congrats to the winner and enjoy your weekend!

  10. Congrats to the lucky winner! Love the photos too of bunny and cats! :)
    SV xx