Saturday, 7 May 2011

Quilt for Japan

After about a month I have finally gotten round to quilting the Whirligig top I made with all the lovely fabrics from Elizabeth Scott.
And also managed to find some late afternoon sunshine to photograph it in.
It is the biggest quilt I have FMQ'd so far, and though my machine really struggles with tension issues, I do feel I am getting better at it all the time. I think a new machine would probably be the best solution!
I have really grown to love the crinkly texture you get after you have washed and dried it. And though more stressful it is nice to be able to finish a quilt SO quickly!
I used these 2 pieces of Moda Fresh Flowers that I got from the cheaper of my local fabric shops for the back. They were £7.50 a metre, which I thought was pretty good. I bought some in the white and red colourways too, so expect to see more of this design in the future!

The intention has always been to send this quilt to Japan to help a person or family who lost everything in the recent earthquake and tsunami. It's amazing how Japan seems to have dropped off the news agenda at the moment (at least it has here in the UK) and yet I doubt everything is back to normal in that country yet.
I have got an address of a Japanese quilting magazine from Quiltsalott's blog. They have a 'Quilt for Japan' appeal going on. But I am also wondering if anybody knows of any UK groups or bloggers who are sending quilts to Japan. I guess I am a little worried about sending it off and feel there might be safety in numbers if it could tag along with some other quilts! Please let me know if you have heard of anything.
Meanwhile I still have to make a label. I have bought the freezer paper and fully intend to try to send it through my printer attached to some fabric. I just need to pluck up the courage to give it a go!


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and the green binding works spectacularly well with both the front and the back. You will put a good memory back into someone's life when they receive that. Very generous of you.

  2. Playing matchmaker...

  3. Lovely quilt, good luck with the freezer paper, I tried it for my last Doll quilt swap, but it failed, so out came the embroidery threads. Let me know how it goes.

  4. Great work! I made a Quilt for Japan too. If felt goog to sew for someone who needs a Quilt to snuggle up.

  5. Jan from Oz Comfort Quilts who has been working with me getting quilts out of Australia into New Zealand for Christchurch did a post about Japan
    Your quilt is simply gorgeous and will be loved !! !! !! The feedback I'm getting from people receiving quilts in Christchurch is AMAZING there are some heartwarming comments on Jans blog.
    Freezer paper is GREAT - I have found you need to choose a photo settingprior to printing though as it slows the speed down.

  6. Oh my, it's bloomin lovely. I love the roses. The back is very sweet too. It's such a fabulous cause, I'm sure it will be loved.
    I bought some freezer paper a while back to do the same thing. I''l wait to see how yours turn out 1st, hee hee.
    I hope you're having a great weekend.

  7. Hi Jo, the quilt is great, was it a real pain to keep tabs on what fabrics go where?

    I have two quilts that are available as a give away to a nominated charity, and Hadley (flying blind) suggested your Japan plan

  8. I'm a dope, I've made a square dance quilt! I was thinking it was made like an off set rail fence, but is it squares then cut up using a template?

  9. I wouldn't try offering it up on your blog in return for a donation to a charity involved with Japan because it doesn't work!
    I've had one up two days and all I'm asking for is a donation of any amount to any charity of the readers choice and then they can win the quilt plus a jelly roll. It's been up 48 hours and only one person has been supported. Yet, I know over 130 people have looked at the post.
    It's hard not to feel a wee bit sad about peoples' altruistic intentions when I had a freebie giveaway last month for just a yard and a half total of fabric and got over 100 responses!
    I think I may just investigate some of the other suggestions above.
    Lovely quilt by the way!

  10. What a gorgeous and lovely quilt, I really like your quilting. Ornage doesn't usually do it for me, but i adore that orange backing. x

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous, so soft and pretty. Yes Japan has dropped off the radar here as well but they must be struggling so much over there.

  12. that is such a lovely quilt, fab colours :-)
    I've just finished my Quilt for Japan too, (apart from the label which i'm dithering to?how to?!)
    Anyhow's I have the same address & info as you have to send to, Jo, but don't know of anyone around & about to join up with either so have decided just to go ahead by myself.

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