Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Goodie Bag Swap

Another day, another swap completed!

This time it's the first round of the Goodie Bag Swap on Flickr. Make your partner a bag (or purse as I believe our American cousins call them) and fill it with a plastic bag full of fabric scraps!
I got paired with someone very young and funky, so I have tried my best to make something she might like.
I chose what I considered to be the most modern, designer fabrics I owned, along with this lovely vintage fabric label piece. I based the pattern on an old bag I have, I guess I would call it a 'slouch' bag. I cheated a little by using this old leather handle that I had kept from another old bag I threw out years ago (I knew it would come in handy one day!), it just seemed to suit the style so well.
I had to use loads of iron-on interfacing stuff (I'm sure there is a better name for this!) to stiffen the fabric, and I fussy cut some of the vintage labels and needle-turn appliqued then to the front and back. I also hand stitched around these with perle 8, but I think it is maybe a little too subtle!
I added some denim at the top of the lining for a bit of extra strength, and turned 2 more fussy cut labels into wee inside pockets. This one is big enough for an ipod or a lipstick.
And this one should be able to take a mobile phone.
I am really pleased with the way it has turned out. In fact I have half a mind to keep it myself and make another one!
The finishing touch is the little key ring to hang off the side.
 It was simple and fun to make!
 And speaking of swaps, I  FINALLY received my Doll Quilt!
All the way from Canada (it sure took its time!) courtesy of Madame Samm from Stash Manicure and Sew I Quilt blogs (she's one busy lady!).
How sweet is that little owl?! And I love the turquoise colour wash border.
There are loads of tiny blanket stitches round the owl and branches and the 'u-hoo Jo' (which is so funny!) which don't really show up even in this close-up. The owl is made from tiny patchwork pieces, and she has hand quilted my name all over. I really love how much work and attention to detail Madame Samm put into this little quilt. Thank you so much!
And this little 'cuppa cozy' came as an adorable extra, it is just so perfectly made! I got some tea and threads too. I fely very lucky and it was so worth the long wait. Hopefully next round I will get mine when everybody else does!
And if that wasn't enough 'post excitement', I got a parcel this morning all the way from New Zealand. The lovely Cat of Catalina's Cottage sent me this beautiful New Zealand baking book!
What a beautiful cover, and I love that title, it's so polite!
Cat had been telling me about her plans for the Royal Wedding and about something called 'Lamingtons' which she would be serving at her tea party. It turns out they are an ingenious mixture of sponge cake, jelly and coconut stuffed with cream! That's them above, can't wait to have a go!
So as I had shown such an interest in NZ baking Cat thought I would like this book! Thank you so much Cat, you are a total sweetie! 
I am particularly drawn to these two-tone tarts, called Neenish Tarts, I've never seen anything like them.
Expect me to have gained a few pounds by the next time we meet, dear readers!


  1. Love the bag. Lucky person who will receive it. Lots of great little details. And didn't you get some nice stuff too! Maybe I should join swaps - but then I would have to be able to make nice stuff to get nice stuff. Hmmmm, that's the catch, isn't it?

  2. The bag is so beautiful! I love the fabrics you've used! You're very lucky to have received this wonderful Doll quilt!! Love the colours and the little owl :)

  3. Oh my, i am in LOVE with your bag! I think I must try and copy this. Well done, I am completely in awe of your bag-making and design skills. x

  4. Wow Jo, that bag is gorgeous! Would it be an insult if I said I'm not young & funky but I really love it?? How about a tutorial?

  5. That is one awesome bag you've made there lady!! Nice bundle of goodies for you too x

  6. That bag is fab and I think I recognise the handle!! Also think your Doll Quilt you got is gorgeous with the owl and wording, very cute! I think I ate some lamingtons at toddler group this morning, they were yummy. Michelle xx

  7. That is one fabulous bag. Whoever gets that is bound to be over the moon. Really. Lovely clean lines and the fabrics you used are wonderful. I like all the little details you've added.

    My Mum used to make us Lamingtons regularly (I grew up in South Africa) and I think it's time I introduced my husband to them too. Oh you've made me crave them now - as well as take a trip back into my childhood. Hours of fun with my Mum.

  8. Beautiful bag - love it to bits :) I want to try a lamington ... what a weird combo ...

  9. Lucky you receiving the lovely quilt with all those thoughtful details. And what a lucky, lucky recipient of that lovely bag you made - I love it!
    Teresa x

  10. That bag and goodies are awesome!! Some of my earliest memories are helping my mum make lots of lamingtons when my dad played cricket, for them to eat at half time. And I used to have a dress that was brown at the top and cream at the bottom and someone said I looked like a neenish tart so I stopped wearing it.

  11. I love that bag, Jo. Seriously, it is just perfect. Lucky partner!!

  12. Beautiful bag - wouldn't have though of combining those two very different fabrics but they work really well together. I'm sure she'll love it. Juliex

  13. What a beautiful purse! I love how you re-purposed the handle. It goes so well with the bag!! I certainly understand why you might be wanting to keep it and make another one for the swap!!

  14. Oh I love that bag!!! Well done.

  15. lovely bag, great choice of fabric and I think adding the jeans was a clever idea, too.
    And if I may comment here also on the giveaway - I think we've just managed to coin a new phrase "absolutely bearpaw amazing" :) I noticed it only after leaving my comment.

  16. If I ever received a Ruby Star Rising bag in the mail, I might die. Seriously. That's magnificent!

  17. Oh my Lamingtons and Neenish Tarts.. The latter were the subject of conversation here the other day. I was baking from my Edmonds Cook Book. This is a New Zealand classic cook book that I bought with me all those years ago when we moved to the UK. Love the look of Cats present - may have to request one from my sister tomorrow morning when we speak.
    Love the bag!!
    take care Fiona