Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lovely things in the post and a bouquet of new corsages

Don't you think that our lovely community of crafty bloggers are the nicest, most generous people in the world?! I do!
A few months ago I got a very nice email from a lady called Elizabeth Scott, from San Francisco, who had found my Little House Pincushion Tutorial while searching the internet for Greengate fabrics (she had found our shop website and therefore this blog), and had made a gorgeous version of it (with a birdcage in one of the windows!) which you can see here.
A few months later Elizabeth sent me an email to tell me she was coming to Scotland in March and would pop in to our shop to meet me and that she would like to give me some fabrics 'from her collection' to see what I would make with them. Well, as you can imagine, I was very happy to accept any fabrics that might come my way, though unfortunately, I wasn't around on the one day Elizabeth could make it.
And then a little parcel arrived in the post this week from the USA, and out tumbled this big pile of gorgeous fat quarters! With a note from Elizabeth saying that she hadn't managed to get to the shop anyway and so had sent me the fabrics once she got back. I was so happy and excited!
I don't want to keep moaning on, but for various reasons too numerous to go into, life has been really rubbish recently, so to get this amazing parcel from someone I hardly know was so very special and cheered me up no end!
And then I looked a bit closer at the fabrics and realised that Elizabeth Scott had actually designed them!!
I had completely missed the fact she was a fabric designer when I first visited her blog! And when she said 'fabrics from her collection' I assumed she meant her stash!! Duh!
Wow, so now I was even more happy, excited and impressed!! Thank you so much Elizabeth for completely making my day.
And now I have this fabulous bundle of fat quarters to make something really lovely with! Take a look at Elizabeth's website where you can buy her fabrics.

The postman has been especially good to me recently. Look at what I found in the parcel I got last week, all the way from Portland Oregon...
Look at these gorgeous handmade boxes all filled with pincushions from my partner in the Scrappy Pincushion Swap!
This round my partner was Mary of 13 insane penguins, who was also my partner in a mini quilt swap last year.
Mary made me not 1, but 3 amazing pincushions! Look at that fantastic mouse, not only does he have a bendy tail and whiskers but he is also so realistic I daren't let him near my cats! And also Mary sent me 2 uber cute crochet pincushions - a cupcake and a fat little orange mouse!
Thank you Mary, I love all my little cuties!
After all that excitement I had to do a fair bit of crocheting to calm myself down.
I thought it was time I made some new flower corsages for the shop. These are always a good seller, especially with Mother's Day coming up next month.
I also really enjoy making them as I can be as creative as I like, so they never feel like a chore.  This time I have also used some of my special buttons. 
Well, what's the use of just hoarding them in tins? Better to set them free to bring joy to others!


  1. What a fantastic haul to cheer even the most grim of days ...

    Sorry you're having a grotty time ... sending you love xxx

  2. Lovely fabrics - just when I thought I couldn't possibly buy any more, along comes this. :)

    and those crochets flowers are so pretty - I am struggling to get the hang of crocheting - but what you've done is inspiring - so I shall persevere.

  3. Isn't it a wonder when you get a squishie or a package in the mail? Always good for a grin or 3! And to get one full of such lovely fabrics! I will be looking forward to what you create with them.

    Those are such cute pin cushions with great boxes too. Wow!

    I noticed the special buttons on your flowers - they are so pretty. Mostly I've just crocheted scarves, but I did just finish my first item following a pattern (a cat doorstop), so I may have to try some flowers next too.

  4. Cor you are lucky to receive such yummyness in the post.
    Your corsages are lovely, a great idea for Mothers Day.

  5. those are so pretty, and those cushions are super cute. :)

    I posted about your giveaway on my craft blog (finally)! My new username links to my illustration blog. So here is a link!

  6. those are packages I wish I would find in my mailbox some day! The FQs are gorgeous, and I just love that little mouse pinnie, and the crocheted ones are very cute too. Your flower brooches are so sweet - I like the buttone sin them, and you are right - there's no point in hoarding stuff - sharing it makes everyone feel better!

  7. Oh yes, they do bring joy! what gorgeous corsages... Oh I love your crochet! ... and that first picture just made me drool! Hahaha, so imagine how happy I was to read your story and realize we can all share in Elizabeth's collection! Sorry to hear you have not been well: sending you a special extra hug... :) xox + O

  8. I wouldn't have known Elizabeth didn't mean from her stash collection, either! I hope things look up for you soon, chickie.

  9. Lovely package and I love the pretty!

  10. Oh my goodness how lucky are you to get those beautiful fat 1/4's from the designer herself! I do follow her blog but I probably wouldn't have made the connection either. This collection is one that I would like to get my hands on one day.
    Hope life is a bit better for you now. We all have our down days but sometimes they all come together which is not much fun. Love your corsages to BTW

  11. Hi Jo! What lovely fabrics from Elizabeth Scott. I also thought from her own personal stash and not ones she has designed had created and can give away cuttings of! very impressive! hope all is well with you soon Jo. Much love, Sarah. x :)

  12. Love the ES fabric .. is it the same fabric that is featured with Greengate stuff??