Friday, 11 February 2011

Granny Square Jumper

It looks like a regular granny square blanket...
But, in fact, it's a jumper! Or 'sweater' for our colonial cousins!

You may remember me posting about this here, when I bought the wool at the Country Living Fair. The pattern is from the book 'Crochet in no time' by Melody Griffiths.
Well I worked on it over Christmas and finally finished it a couple of weeks ago.
I have to admit to being a bit diasppointed at first. It seemed a bit more shapeless than in the picture, but then I had used a courser wool. And I thought the sleeves were too short.
I'm putting a brave face on it here! But I do like the colours and it is very warm and snuggly. I wore it once then decided the sleeves were DEFINITELY the problem. So I extended them.
This is what they look like now. I am wearing the jumper today and have no one to take a photo of me in it, so you will have to use you imagination. It is much better now and I am happy. I think it is a problem with making garments, I was always disappointed whenever I did any dressmaking. But I never feel that way with quilts or blankets, maybe that is because I rarely work from a set pattern!
Or is it because they use such young, pretty models in the pattern photos!!
I have had a very busy week with a trip to Birmingham to the main Trade Fair of the year at the NEC. Before going I was very busy preparing for it (budgets, reports, stocktakes), and now I am back the deliveries have started coming in already, so I am still busy unpacking and merchandising all the new stock. Coupled with this I have lost my main help in the shop. Sophie has left to go travelling in South America for 4 - 5 months. She has a lovely blog called 'Travels with myself' that she started when she went to Costa Rica last year. This year she is taking a little friend with her... It is one of my wee Oggle Owls that I gave her as a Christmas Present! Sophie plans to involve Oggle with her blog by photographing him in unusal places (a bit like the gnome in Amelie!). I can't wait to see where he turns up! Read about Sophie's owl plans here, and you can keep up with his adventures too!
Meanwhile I have just been too busy to do much crafting! Especially as now, with Sophie gone, I will now lose most of my Friday's off :(
So here are some new patchwork cushions I made a couple of weeks ago for the shop...
Just to keep you interested till the end of the page!!

I sold my tickertape cot quilt in the shop, by the way! In the few hours I had free last week I started work on 2 cushions to go with it. So now I will have to make another quilt to go with them! Oh well...


  1. Sorry, Jo, I am sitting here laughing at you making 2 matching cushions for s quilt you no longer have! A victim of your own success (but huge congrats for selling it - although hardly surprising since it was really beautiful!)

    I love your jumper, too! I love the extra bit of red you've put on the sleeve, it makes that green stripe really stand out.

  2. Love the jumper and the longer sleeves really make it!

    ... have to admit I've just been having a lot of fun scrolling up and down the second picture and making my eyes go squiffy!

    sorry, such a child :)

  3. I adore your crochet sweater!! :o)
    Beautifully done and your pillows are so cute!
    Congratulations on the sale of your lovely quilt.
    Have a great weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. love the jumper.38 jears ago I made my wedding dress like this.Great weekend