Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow, Pincushions and Brazillian Dolly revisited

First of all this is the reason I haven't made it in to work today. Look at that snow!
It certainly looks beautiful at Shangri La Farm today (especially the barn with it's newly painted doors) but it's not great for business because I have had to leave our shop closed today as conditions are very bad around Edinburgh today. I am taking comfort in the probability that nobody will want to go Christmas shopping on a day when the police are saying 'stay home unless essential'. My father has been staying for the last few days, and I was up at 6 am this morning to take him to the airport, only to find it was closed because of the snow. And is still closed now at 2pm. We are hoping to get him on a flight this evening as long as the airport re-opens by then!
Jonathan took that amazing photo above, by the way (he insists on getting credits!).
On the positive side, I have already finished crocheting a glove this morning!
And here is what I have been working on this weekend. You may think this little house is familiar, and you would be right. I made a version of this for The Scrappy Pincushion Swap. The exciting news is that my local patchwork shop has asked me to teach a class next spring in 'scrappy fun pincushions! They want it to be a hand sewing class so I have made this version of the house using paper piecing.
I have also improved the design by including this needlecase under the roof!
I know I have said this before, but I really do promise to make a tutorial for a machine sewn version of this VERY soon!
And this is my updated version of the little Topiary Tree Pin Cushion I made earlier in the year. It had a  crocheted tree top, but as this is a sewing class I have changed this to a paper pieced ball. I used scraps to make this, then sewed on lots of pretty buttons. The base is more stable now than the original design as I have filled it 3/4 full of rice with just stuffing in the top.
So I have just written my 'advert' for the new patchwork classes brochure and website. I do hope they get enough takers as I am really looking forward to teaching this. It will be the first Friday in March at Purely Patchwork in Linlithgow, if anyone reading is interested. I also might need to practice on some friends first too!
Do you remember Miranda, the little doll I made for children living in an impoverished community in Brazil? I posted about this here.  Jessica who works with this community and gathers toys to take out to them, sent me some photos of little Estafane receiving her doll. Have a look at Jessica's blog and see lots more lovely photos of beautiful dolls being given to beautiful little girls. And take a look at Jessica's friend Kelli's blog to find out how you can contribute to this wonderful cause.
I hope to make some more dolls to send to Jessica in the new year. Wouldn't you like to see your own dolly in the arms of a sweet smiling little girl like Estafane?


  1. Wow, your pincushions are stunning, I love them!
    How heartwarming that your gorgeous doll is now being loved by Estafane. Such a great cause, I think I will do it next year if I can.
    The snow looks beautiful although I would be staying put indoors, I hate driving in snow. We have friends that are heading your way for a break, personally I would have stayed at home!
    Stay warm and take care.

  2. How beautiful is the snow (and Jonathan's photo!). Like the barn doors too. How sweet to see your doll so well received! I printed the pattern out at the time but not got to it yet... maybe ... I will keep it in mind, thanks for reminding us!

  3. WOW snow snow snow and here we are having the hottest November on record. Kids are running around back yard in and out of the sprinkler trying to keep cool!
    I'm in LOVE with the house pin cushion needlecase and just need need need a tutorial.
    I must add 'white Christmas' to my list of 'must do's' in my life time because it looks SO pretty!

  4. That snow looks cold. If you were in the US, the roads being closed is exactly when everyone wants to go shopping.

    Your pin cushions are lovely.

    I love the picture of the doll you made with the little girl. I'm off to check out your friends blogs.

    Stay warm!

  5. I also cut out the pattern, bought the felt and the stuffing and have just not had the time (well I probably could have found some time) to make it, but seeing the lovely photos I will get inspired - still have not painted the picture for the bathroom painting yet!
    Love everything you have done x

  6. I was about to comment when my attention was drawn to our french doors and within seconds the ground has turned white with snow! (Dublin).

    Anyhow, love the pincushion, loved in the scrappy pin cushion swap!

    Our snow doesn't compare to yours!

    Hope you can get out soon!

  7. The snow isn't quite so bad on the west coast. Just the weather for staying in and sewing. Please do a tutorial for the little house soon it's beautiful.

  8. i love the house pincushion. Wher did you get the pattern?

  9. Hi Jo! Yes the snow looks beautiful and i'm sure your fields and gardens look lovely all crisp and white. Hope your Dad is well and got home ok. Snow is terrible here on the west coast too. Called over to see Claire last week as she has not been able to get out for 4-5 days and I had to turn and come home! Got to the bottom of her street but there was nowhere to park or nowhere nearby that I could safely leave the car.
    Hope you manage to get to the shop soon. How lovely to see such a pretty girl receive your doll - i'm sure she is thrilled!
    Happy sewing!
    Lots of love. xxx :)

  10. Wow I just love both your pin cushions! Beautiful work and congratulations for being asked to teach a class! So nice to see your sweet little doll in hernew owners hands. This is still on my to do list. Hope the snow stops for you soon but Jonathon's photo is beautiful.

  11. I've just found your wonderful blog! And am so glad that I did.
    Love,love your work!