Monday, 25 October 2010


I've had a few days off from work so I have been holed up in the sewing room making stuff for my shop.
I still had my scrap box out from making the scrappy coin block for the Tag Square Bee. It all looked so inviting that I couldn't help having a play!

First of all I made this needlebook and pincushion. The needlebook is made of offcuts from the coin square plus some old jeans and felt. For the pincushion I made 2 squares of stripey scraps then cut them into triangles, mixed them up and sewed them back together. That is the bottom below. I put a few tablespoons full of rice in the bottom which has given it a nice weight. And you can't beat a button and some sashiko-style sticthing to finish things off nicely.
I bought a range of storage tins earlier in the year (for the shop) with different themes of old photos on them. I just couldn't resist keeping the sewing kit ones for myself (there are 2).
The needlebook and pincushion fit so snugly.
I bought a stash of 'reduced to clear' gutterman thread at the Scottish Quilt Show with this project in mind. Now all I need is to add some extra haberdashery stuff (buttons, braids, tape measure, thimble, scissors) and I have my first Christmas present made! But who is it for...
I was so pleased with the way they turned out and there was still plenty in the scrap box, so I decided to do a simplified version for the shop. It was fun making these little strippy rectangles.
And these little log cabin squares. I just kept the patchwork for the top and used some of my thicker furnishing fabric for the bottom.
 But they still get rice and a cute button! I made 6 for the shop and an extra for a birthday present this week.
And here are the needlecases, bound with colourful furnishing fabrics. No button this time but I couldn't resist finishing with the simple embroidery on the front.
 I made 7 of these and I really love them. They look so nice all together, like a little fabric library!
It's amazing what you can do with all those scraps! These didn't take long and would make great Christmas presents.
And if that isn't enough sprappy-ness, I have also signed up for a new swap! It is another Flickr group called 'The Scrappy Hoop (a modern swap)'. This is the first round which is quite exciting. I have wanted to do a hoop swap for a while but keep missing sign-ups. I think the idea of this one is to use modern fabrics (pieced or appliqued) instead of just embroidery, whish is great as my embroidery skills aren't too great.
Here is a sneak peek of my efforts so far. I'm very impressed that everyone in the group seems to know what all these fabrics are - I don't have a clue, as usual!


  1. These look great Jo! Look forward to seeing you on Friday. Hope that is still ok. Love Michelle xx

  2. Lovely as always! you talented girl xx

  3. Great scrappy projects! I've seen your hoop on Flickr and I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very very cute! Well done and that you can make so many is fantastic! Fi

  5. WOW Jo these are amazing - I really do need to keep more of those scraps - I love what you've done here. Talented xxx

  6. I heart anything scrappy and those wee cases and cushions are adorable! Good for you!:)

  7. Lovely scrappy goodness! Love the sewing gift you've put together, great idea!

  8. They're just lovely! and what a wonderful assortment in your scrap box. I'm finding my scrap-box very inspirational too!

  9. I enjoy your blog, your works very much. They all are beautiful!

    Best wishes,


  10. Love seeing all your creativity - x

  11. your scrappy projects are wonderful! I love them all!

  12. All the scrappy creations are so pretty! It's so hard to part with fabrics, even scraps. Happy Autumn!