Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Bee - with a twist!

I have joined a new Bee. It is called the Tag Square Bee and is organised by BellsJo. There are 13 of us in the Bee and, like most Bees, every month we make a block for someone in the group. The big difference here (and the thing I really like about it) is that every month each of us makes for a different person. So for instance for October I am making for Nanabanana but Bluebirdquilts is making for me (apologies for the Flickr names!). And for November (I assume) I will be making for Blubirdquilts and somebody else will be making for me (or the opposite direction). This way, instead of waiting up to a year (or 2 in some big Bees) to get your month's blocks, you get a block in the post every month! Well done Jo for coming up with such a good idea!
The block at the top of this page is one I have made to show the sort of thing I would like. I absolutely adore 'The Burbs' quilt, above, by Sarah Fielke from the amazing Material Obsession book. I think this is one of the most inspirational quilt books to be written in the last few years. I love Sarah and Kathy's approach to quilt making and especially the 'relaxed' way of making blocks that Sarah uses in this quilt. It was great fun making the house block but I have said that I am happy to have any sort of block as long as it is in my chosen colours of pink, red and turquoise (to allow room for creativity!). Everyone has made their sample blocks and posted them on to the Flickr group pool so we all have a good idea what to make for each other.
Nanabanana (she is called Jackie but I love that Flickr name!) wanted scrappy and bright, so I got out my scrap box and made this 'coin' block.
I am really looking forward to watching my quilt grow every month and having a different fun block to make for someone else too!
Meanwhile the Quick Christmas Bee is entering it's homeward stretch. The 2 blocks above are for Julie at Forest poppy. They are called Chubby Stars, and I have to admit they did seem the hardest of all 3 blocks (I made all the above on the same day), but maybe that was just because I was making 2 of them!
Julie is turning these in to a table runner. Another great thing about these Bees is seeing the finished projects that you have contributed too.
I have received lots of lovely Ohio Star blocks in the post for my spare room quilt. It is going to be fabulous! I just need to make a few more and then turn it in to a quilt (so not much to do then...). This has been earmarked as a November project as I have lots of other stuff to finish first, more on this later!


  1. Lovely house block. I like the Material Obssession books too - have just bought myself yet another American quilting book as I love these sorts of quilts too

  2. Jo, it sounds like such a fun idea.
    I really like your blocks, and can only imagine what a super quilt and great relationships you'll have in the end.
    Have fun!

  3. I'm in an 'unoffical' bee now and haven't even had time to start my hst grey blocks lol. looks great! i love reading your blog.

  4. I love your house is super cute!

  5. That is such a great idea, I love the burbs quilt too..

  6. The Tag Square Bee is the first I've joined so I didn't really understand how they worked before. I'm glad I entered this one though because it'll be fun getting a block every month and I wouldn't like to have to wait a year (or 2)!!
    Teresa x

  7. I love the coin block idea. What is the finished size of your block?