Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Doll Quilt has finally arrived!!

Yes, after a VERY long wait it is finally here! Some swappers got their's 2 months ago, but good things come to those that wait, and here it is! Isn't it gorgeous?
Made for me by Cara of Quiltnookgal and it came all the way from the USA. There were all sorts of problems with the mail, at Cara's end to start with and then at my end as it got taken to my old adress and then ended up sitting in a parcelforce depot (lost and alone!) until I tracked it down on Thursday (thanks to all the help from our fab swapmama Solidia).
I was starting to get very worried so I can't imagine how Cara must have been feeling!
I have been waiting days to get a decent photo of the quilt, but the sun just won't come out! Very depressing, and I can't wait any longer to share it with you. So apologies for the dark photos.
Here is the lovely umbrella fabric on the back and the binding.
 Here are some close ups of the beautiful yo yo flowers and the jumbo ric rac stem (so creative!).
Can you see how Cara has quilted stamen coming out of the flower? I really love it! The colours and fabric are so perfect for me and it look fabulous in my sewing room.
And look at these fabulous extra goodies I got!!
Amazing fabric which I love, braids, chocolate, lovely buttons and beads and wooden clothes pegs. And to top it all off, this adorable owl pincushion!
Isn't he just so cute! I love him. Thank you so much Cara, for being so kind and generous.
I think I need a special pincushion shelf to display all my lovely pincushions (this owl, the frieda ones from the last swap, the apple from Marg).
Well that is DQS9 all over for me now, which is a bit sad as I have loved taking part in it. Next round starts after Christmas so here's hoping I get a chance to join in again.


  1. The flower is absolutely fantastic! And the quilting? Great!

  2. Isn't it beautiful! Well worth the wait I think!

  3. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful, lucky lucky you!!!

  4. gosh look at that gorgeous quilt - very talented. I have a box of yo-yos I received in a swap and now know what I can use them for. And as for that Owl - well GORGEOUS!! !! !!
    I had Mr B make me a shelf for my pin cushions, I think it is a must :)
    Cat xxx