Monday, 27 September 2010

A trip to a quilt show

Yesterday I took my first trip to a quilt show, The Scottish Quilt Championships at Ingleston, just by Edinburgh Airport. And this is what I came home with!
But look who came with me...
 It's Lynz from Domestic Light and Magic!
When we met up in the summer we made a plan to attend this show together. Lynz is standing in front of one of our favourite quilts from the show, 'Glorious Autumn' by Frieda Oxenham. It is made of beautiful batiks with extra beads.
Here are some more that caught our eye.

I loved this allotment themed quilt. Here is a close-up. The seed packets are amazing, the quilter must have copied them on to fabric, very effective.
 This next one was right up my street (as Cheryl Cole likes to say!). I am very sorry, but I didn't remember to take a note of the names of the quilter's for these 2. I only have the top one because Lynz put that one on her blog too! She was very good and took a note of most of hers. In my defence, this was my first show and I am not very clever, I promise to remember next time.
 And after we had looked at the quilts we both went shopping!! There was a ton of stalls there and we both discovered some Scottish shops that we didn't know about (future trips are now planned to different towns!). And I also think we got a few bargains!

Overall I think we were both impressed with the standard of work and by the huge amount of fabric etc. on offer. And apparently this was just a small show in comparison with some of the others! I was exhausted by the time we got home and had to go for a lie down, just too much quilty excitement!

It was really great to have a fun 'quilt friend' to go with. Thanks so much for coming with me Lynz! Check out Lynz's blog for some more great quilts (better photos and with proper credits...).


  1. My word, the Frieda Oxenham quilt is amazing!

  2. That's so nice that you were both able to go together. Here's a tip for next time...take a picture of the quilt you love then take a picture of the quilt's label...that way you have all the info you need right there on your camera!;)

  3. That's what I did, Dee! David Bailey up there was having some camera issues, though!! *g* Jo, you bought more than I thought!!! It all looks lovely, I've put mine all away without taking a pic, doh!! Thanks for taking me, I had a ball (though I've still got no voice!!)

  4. Wow, I absolutely adore the allotment theme one too. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I'm liking DeeRoos tip too. One I am going to keep in mind too.

  5. Beautiful purchases and I love the quilt. Thanks for giving me another "Must Make" quilt.

    I love seeing what is going on, on your side of the world. Thanks for giving me a peek.

  6. Sounds like a great day out and you've got some great quiltng loot I see! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quilts!

  7. You girls had a great time by the looks of it! Just wish I could have come!

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my quilt. I love to hear what fellow quilters think about my work and it's a real honour to have it featured on your blog! Specially as Lynz tones in so beautifully with it.