Monday, 20 September 2010

Empty nest crisis approaching!

Yes I am having a bit of a weepy time at the moment, but before I bore you with that, lets have a look at a nice cushion!
It is a 21st birthday present for one of my 'Weekend Alisons' (the 2 girls that work in the shop at the weekend are helpfully both called Alison). They are both like stand-in daughters to me and, as such, must have something made for them for their 21st (it would have been a quilt if I had more time, Alison will have to wait till she dets married to get one of those now!).
Just a simple log cabin but I quilted it with embroidery silks to make it a bit more special.
Alison is a pretty, fragrant girl so I have made her a cushion to match!

Now on to my real children, who are all leaving me!!
Jacob, my 18 years old, moved out 6 weeks ago to flatshare just as we moved house, and now Felix, my 20 year old, is going travelling to the Far East for 10 months! He is leaving tomorrow!
Here he is looking so smart and handsome a few days ago. I know they all have to leave at some stage, but I just don't like it. It hurts. Like a physical pain. I am a pathetic snivelling wretch at the moment, literally weeping as I type this, which isn't good as I am at work!
I am sure lots of you have already been here and know exactly how I feel (I know Dolores at DeeRoo had to say goodbye to her Maria a few weeks back), but I just wasn't expecting to feel this bad. And I know he will come back and maybe one or the other will live with us again one day, but basically my life as a mum with everything revolving round my 2 boys is over. I guess I will just have to wait for the grandchildren now...

Anyway enough moaning, some people have real problems. Like a friend of Lizzie's from A house in the Country blog. Lizzie's dear old quilting friend, Sue, is terminally ill and Lizzie is organising a quilt for her. Lizzie says that Sue has made hundreds of quilts but she doesn't think that anyone has ever made a quilt for Sue. Lizzie suggested that we all might have 'orphan blocks' lying around from abandoned projects and that these could be joined together to make a quilt. Marg of Adventures in Quilting and Sailing has offered to send any UK blocks to Lizzie with the ones she is making.
I somehow don't have any orphan blocks to spare so, in between blowing my nose and re-touching my mascara this weekend, I managed to make these two. They are the same star block as my Xmas Bee Block. Marg liked making them so much she suggested them as a good design for 'a quilt for Sue' for those who don't have anything lying around ready to go. Check out Lizzie and Marg's blog for more info. And both are having a giveaway for anyone who signs up to the project!

So tonight we are having a last family dinner (Jacob is coming home too) and then this time tomorrow I will already have said my goodbyes and he will be off (on his way to Delhi with his girlfriend Emma, who, thankfully, is going with him).
Feel free to deluge me with messages of support, I think I am going to need them.


  1. Hi Jo
    The first of the deluge!!
    I can imagine how you're feeling(almost!)as DD1 and DS2 left home for uni this month and that only leaves DS3 at home - and hubby of course!

  2. I'm afraid I have no words of advice. All I can do is send you the biggest of hugs and much love.

  3. Oh poor you Jo ! but looking at things from a different view, should you not be proud of bringing up two independent boys who have the confidence to head out into the world ? you have obviously done a great job ! xx

  4. In order of appearance;
    1) That is a fantastic cushion you have there! As always I admire your fabric choices. I just love the way that has come together,you clever you!!!
    2) What a lovely photo of Felix! Just keep thinking of all the great experiences he is going to have. What an opportunity, and also of all the quiet quilting time (when the getting the house in order doesn't take precedence) you'll have too!
    3) Thanks so much for blogging about Lizzie's "quilt for Sue", and making the lovely blocks. It is going well and she is thankful to everyone who is helping.

    Thanks Jo !!! Big HUG xxxxxx

  5. Lovely cushion!!

    Your pain will lessen, I won't say it goes completely but it lessens. Us Mothers bring up our children to be indepentant then cry and miss them (even their dirty socks) when they go. My son left home 2 years ago to come to uni with you in Edinburgh. My husband and I dropped him off and I cried all the way down the M8 & then again when I went into his bedroom (until I realised how dirty it was-lol). Last year when he went back up I was fine but this year I really missed him again and was quite tearful.

    I have it in mind to visit your shop when I'm up there, I didn't have time last time i was there.

  6. Your tears are gone now right? And rightly Maria above said you have done a great job and now it is time for them to do theirs. And just think of the adventures they are going to have and the stories they will share with you on visits....and thank Holy Heaven for the internet!!:)

    This is Freshers/International Week for Maria...officially signs up for classes tomorrow...WhooHooo!;)

  7. So, I obviously can't empathise totally here (being at the beginning of the whole Mum thing) but I do know how weird our house feels when that noisy Chook is away overnight. What I DO know is that your Mum is ALWAYS your Mum. Your job isn't done, y'know; it will NEVER be done! My brother (who 29 and married 4 years - he was about Felix's age when he moved out) still pops in home (Ha! See? Home!) for advice from Dad but a cuddle from Mum. Those ties never break, you just won't have stinky socks and disappearing dirty dishes too!

    This is YOUR time now. Yours and Jonathan's. You'll enjoy it in time - although my own Mum still isn't used to the quiet at home!

    P.S. GREAT cushion! My middle name's Allison, y'know, and I'll see you this weekend. Do I qualify for one?

    P.P.S. That's a lie. My middle name is actually Lyndsey. *g*

  8. Thanks so much Jo for making blocks for Sue's quilt, I really, really appreciate everyone's generosity..

  9. Lovely pillow Jo, so feminine and pretty!

    Your Felix doesn't look old enough to be leaving home! I'm sure you'll eventually get used to having no boys around but I can imagine how strange it must feel, like Lynz my house feels strangely quiet and empty when my girls go away for just one night. As you say the will come back now and then and will no doubt appreciate you even more.

  10. I love your blocks and I also sent in one. Your cushion is just lovely!

  11. Awww Jo :( Can't imagine what that feels like and dread the day when Kim feels he doesn't 'need' me any more. Yet, on the other hand, I really want him to be independent and want him to have the skills and confidence to do what your boys are doing now. Sounds to me like you've done a great job - and no more dirty socks means more sewing! Love the cushion - some of my fave fabrics in there :)

  12. Lovely pincushion - into pincushions at present as I am taking part in a swap - see my almost finished one on my blog. Now to the real business. I am a mother of four plus an adopted teenager and they have this year all left home for good and grandchildren also gone to NZ too (from London)(animals have also gone too). There is life after kids and animals - biggest difficulty seems to being cooking small portions and getting used to drop in noise levels. Enjoy the peace and crafting possibilities, enjoy friends and partners, there is another 'you' out there.